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By Bhawna D. - August 15, 2017

Hola Peeps
Happy Independence Day to all of you! 😊

So what is it that makes you feel liberated? What is that one passion of yours that debunks every possible norm which is otherwise bombarded onto you? For me, it gotta be WRITING! It is perhaps one of the reasons why I’m jotting my perspective on various things here onto this blog. And from the initial times, I knew – even if it helps one, I’m pretty much sorted! You might say if I prefer writing, then why isn’t my blog dedicated to philosophical ideas or poetry? Well, I wanna give it a much pristine pedestal & it isn’t easy to come up with a good poetry twice a week! But, let me share a few lines from one of my poems –

“The Modernity Pulls Me Deep Within the Pits of Hell;
Scared the Soul, Mouth Devoid of Voice to Yell.
Hush.. The Devil Whispers, None But I Can Tell;
I Tried To Take Two Steps Forth, From Heights I Fell.”

Anyways, how many times did it happen with you that the feeling to write something creative immediately subsides when you come back to the boring ruled notebooks? Often, do I hear? You’re not alone within this!! During my graduation days, I wouldn’t feel the need to make notes in case the text book is old/second hand or torn because of XYZ reasons. So what is our last resort? Ever tried DIYing your boring notebooks? Well, in case you aren’t much crafty like me, then you gotta checkout this amazing Instagram Seller @thepaperdolphin. Her Instagram Feed is full of kitschy ruled pads or notebooks, dream catchers and what not! The list is endless and so are the options to choose from. And the most amazing part, The Founder Ms. Urusha also helps in recycling your old stationery! On enquiring about her work, I was amazed when she said “We recycle old unused books, one sided papers etc”. There are literally so many of my notebooks wherein I’ve left more than half of the sheets because the used & old notebook doesn’t appeal anymore! Her designs are absolutely on point and #trending. Since its back to College Season, who wouldn’t wanna flaunt their notepads?

Ms. Urusha was kind enough to send one her notepads to me and the design was chosen by me. 😃 Amidst the collection of Galaxy Print, Star Bucks, Minions and Good Vibes; I was fascinated to the denim one which had a red pout patch. Nowadays, patches are my obsessions but I can’t incorporate it within my outfit because who knows, tomorrow I might get irritated with them? 😅 But the subtle glamour endowed with pucker lips literally made my eyes gleam with glitter! I kid you not; these are so expensively sold at other places or online. As I’ve told you before, these are hand-crafted but there’s an excellence in her work. Suppose the same is asked me to do, my edges would ruffle out and a lot of things might go hay-wire within the second use. But these ones are quite sturdy & I love to note down little things that need to be prepared for the blog. There’s a vast variety out there, so feel free to checkout her Instagram feed & opt for the one that fascinates you.

Price: The Denim one retails for INR 210

Buy From: Click HERE

Delivery: Delivery is available all over India

How to Buy: DM @thepaperdolphin for the rates of the one you intend to buy. Also, my package was delivered within a day!

🔴 Please Note: They also a Subscription Box especially for Writers & Writing Enthusiasts – PARABOX! It consists of Writing Materials & Stationery. You can also expect Pens, Writing Inks, Notebooks, Journals, Post-Cards, Greeting Cards, etc. This Box will be shipped on September & the last date for subscribing is 25th August, 2017. 🔴

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Love ❤

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  1. These look so pretty. And a subscription box for writers sounds amazing. The poetry you have written above is so nice. Please write more :)

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  2. This is so cute :D :D



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