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Estrella Professional: Intenso Lightening Facial Cleanser | Price, Review & Buy Online

Hola Peeps!

How are you guys doing? Today’s post is dedicated to a facial cleanser that’s meant exclusively for oily skin type. Now, we all know the basic rule of CTM & unless you hunt a cleanser that’s meant exactly for you, chances are that other skincare products might not provide your desired results. Oily skin comes with its strings attached & being acne prone is one such turbulence! I must have narrated this incident a gazillion times but yes, two years back I was stuck with severe acne and that gave me insight to seek for the cleanser that works well for me. And of course, we are talking drugstore currently. So without further adieu let me kill two birds with one stone & not just introduce you guys to the brand – ESTRELLA but also take you through my experience with their Intenso Lightening Cleanser. Let’s begin! 
About Brand:
ESTRELLA PROFESSIONAL - World Class Products, Made for Indian Skin. Intenso, the flagship premium brand of Estrella is powered by the Tri-LACTIV…

Introducing - Herb Island | French Green-Clay Face Wash, Hair Growth Shampoo, Moroccan Argan Serum & Ayurvedic Therapy Oil | Review + Price

Hola Peeps 😊

Lately, the terrace has become my spot to scribble content for my blog posts. Especially in the morning; after which you’d hardly think of stepping out of your houses! When summers take over in Delhi, God knows how lame excuses my mind weaves. πŸ˜… One more thing that I wanna tell you guys, I've participated within IndiBlogger Awards 2017 please support me via leaving your valuable comment/testimonial HERE! Thanks in advance; it would mean a lot for me 😊Anyways, let's start with today's blog-post which is dedicated exclusively to Herb Island and their products. So without more delays, let’s begin! 
About Herb Island:

Inspired by the lush vegetation of Australia, Herb Island brings you unique professional treatment and therapy products infused with organic super-foods and all natural ingredients. Our products are just pure and natural bliss made with earthy ingredients that give you healthy and beautiful skin. We represent Australian quality standards and our prod…

Styling Session at Haute Couture | Rhythm Goyal's 2017 Collection

Hola Peeps 😊 Some time back, I ended up at the store of Haute Couture which is a heaven dedicated for fashion lovers. It is initiated by Rhythm Goyal whose fascination for designing garments pulled her from the depths of Journalism to the Fashion Industry. You guys must be wondering how I landed up there. So, let’s rewind the scenario! ⏪

(Me Playing with the Intricate Latkans)
Team of Haute Couture held a styling contest for which they selected few bloggers & since I participated, an invite was sent for the Styling Session. Instead of being merely a styling session, it was more of a photo-shoot which came my way without warnings! We got an outfit each & matching jewellery for the same. Once our hair, makeup were done; a photographer rushed to click our pictures for the purpose of - depiction of outfit. Before I venture within the details, let’s know more about the Store & the Designer herself.
About Haute Couture by Rhythm Store:-

Antique with shades of gold, beige and bronze …

Quirky Stationery ft. The Paper Dolphin | Hand-Crafted Notebooks & Contemporary Stationery |

Hola Peeps Happy Independence Day to all of you! 😊
So what is it that makes you feel liberated? What is that one passion of yours that debunks every possible norm which is otherwise bombarded onto you? For me, it gotta be WRITING! It is perhaps one of the reasons why I’m jotting my perspective on various things here onto this blog. And from the initial times, I knew – even if it helps one, I’m pretty much sorted! You might say if I prefer writing, then why isn’t my blog dedicated to philosophical ideas or poetry? Well, I wanna give it a much pristine pedestal & it isn’t easy to come up with a good poetry twice a week! But, let me share a few lines from one of my poems –
“The Modernity Pulls Me Deep Within the Pits of Hell; Scared the Soul, Mouth Devoid of Voice to Yell. Hush.. The Devil Whispers, None But I Can Tell; I Tried To Take Two Steps Forth, From Heights I Fell.”

Anyways, how many times did it happen with you that the feeling to write something creative immediately subsides when…