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By Bhawna D. - July 24, 2017

Hola Peeps! 😊

And it’s again that time of the year wherein you have to forego your slothfulness & look keenly forward for the college year/semester. Half of me would detest the fact that I’ve to get up early each day for the hectic schedule, while the rest eager to meet new people & engage in new things.

Let’s be honest, college life isn’t merely about that which is stated within the University 🎓 Curriculum. It’s much more in life that a person experiences within this phase of his life. It is also about fuelling the #wanderlust within you & exploring the unknown, finding new hangout places, new eating outlets and encountering ample people as well as opportunities. But all of this may take a back seat due to the pocket allowance that’s endowed to us. Difficult choices thrown like, solving Algebra queries or going out on a movie and none usually are permitted more than four sized figure pocket money. And this situation gets worse when it’s the end of the month and most bucks have been spent! So what is the way out? Quit the idea of seeking something new? 😮

Well, in that case; YUP got your back! 😍

Within my college backpack you’d find –
❤️Books 📚📖 – Check ✔️
❤️Pen/Pencil🖋️ – Check ✔️
❤️Diary – Check ✔️
❤️Favourite Lipstick💄 – Check ✔️
❤️YUP Discount Card – Double Check!✔️✔️😀

*Drum – Rolls* 🎊🎇🎉

👉Make way for YUP CARD - a privilege card program designed exclusively for college students in Kolkata and Delhi NCR. This card is your ticket to flat discounts and steal deals. All you have to do is go to the outlet, show your YUP Card & avail the offer. Stop looking up deals, already! YUP Card is hassle-free, with none of the minimum/maximum business. We are talking about great deals on food, entertainment, travel, shopping to almost everything else you need. YUP cares for you, and we aim for you to explore, thrive, and celebrate together. 🎈

With YUP there’s unlimited usage - NO MINIMUM BILLING and its VALID EVERYDAY, EVERYWHERE. Indulge with your friends and keep making amazing memories. And in case you’re wondering, YUP stands for Youth Uniting Privileges. This endeavour is run by Neogen Privileges as part of its Youth Uniting Privilege Programme.

👉Why Should You Have a YUP Card?

From 200 top-of-the-line brands to more than a thousand members, stretching from Kolkata to Delhi, the growth is rapidly spreading across India. When it comes to the selection of the brands, YUP has its very own stringent screening process through which things like over-all appeal of the brand, the popularity, service and relevance is taken into consideration. Brands like Don Giovanni's, Chiciago Pizza Little Italy, Lizard Skin, Baskin Robbins, Mama Mia, Pour House and Beer Republic - are some of the brands YUP boasts of in Kolkata. On the other hand, when it comes to the capital city - Delhi, brands like Bunta Bar, Biryani Blues, Boombox Cafe, Chicago Pizza, 1469 Workshop, The Golden Dragon are all under YUP banner! Having YUP Card ensures huge savings at places like these which would otherwise cost a lot for college students with limited pocket allowances.

You can check out the complete list here👇

Apart from theoretically being a privilege card for college students, YUP doubles up by hosting various campaigns and events at the most hip & happening places in town. From Fresher's Campaigns to Campaigns highlighting the various brands YUP has, to other initiatives which provide services to  students at discounted rates or FREE are all carried out by YUP! They also organize super cool events for college students as well, where everything, or well, almost everything is on the house! The company also has associates with various colleges and has YCAs (YUP Campus Ambassadors) present at these institutions, where during fests and other college events YUP carries out games and other activities for the students. 💞

👉How Can You Get Yours?
Register yourself on their website – to grab your own YUP card which enables you to get gazillion amazing deals out there! Just to enhance your fun a notch higher, you can get your YUP Card only at Rs. 99/- instead of the original price of Rs 499/- just by using the coupon code "YUPBLCS" exclusively until 31st July, 2017. Offer valid for Delhi/NCR & Kolkata peeps only. So what are you waiting for? You don't wanna miss out on good things right? YUP is your answer for saving more and spending smartly! 

This is surely a deal you'd not wanna miss out on! 😄

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Love ❤

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  1. This is so interesting. Being a delhite college going girl, this might be the best offer for me.

  2. Yup card sounds like an interesting new concept. I hope they expand to other cities as well...

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