Blue Heaven - Non Transfer Lip Colour | Review , Swatch & LOTD!

By Bhawna D. - June 01, 2017

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Matte lip lacquers are your bae in summers. I detest that feeling when you perspire near the upper lip area and it kinda ruins your lipstick; especially those with creamy formulation. 😦 Sorry for grossing you out. πŸ˜… But this is one of the reasons as to why I prefer matte lacquers in summer. So Blue heaven recently introduced affordable lacquers and I was keen to try it out. Let’s see how it fared with me -

Description: A woman just needs a dash of makeup to complete her look for a special occasion, which stays on for longer. It is easy to apply and gives a glamorous touch to your look. Blue Heaven transfer proof lip stain is a must have in your makeup kit, which has an extremely smooth matte finish to give an intense colour.

Key Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Polyethylene, Silica, Mica and Approved Colours.

How to Use:
      ·         First, apply the lip colour on the upper lid and glide from one end of the lips to other.
      ·         Then move towards the lower lip & glide from one end of the lips to other.
      ·         Smooth out the corners of the lips well.

Price: INR 205

Net Content: 2.8 ml

Shade: 01 Scarlet Red
Scarlet Red is not really a red-red but rather a soft red which at times looks slightly orangish to me and at others sort of pinkish red. I guess the packaging was deceptive because the top of the lid had somewhat orange shade; I assumed it to be an orange apt for summers! Mistaken on my end, I failed to read the shade name as it was kept inside cardboard sealed pack.

Packaging: The packaging of Blue Heaven’s Non Transfer lipstick is compact and travel friendly. It comes in a strong cylindrical plastic tube and the shade details are mentioned beneath. Somehow, the lid has top most part made of flimsy plastic which feels as if it might come off soon. Nevertheless, it hasn’t evacuated its place even when I exerted pressure upon it. Also, even if it comes off, it won’t hamper the product and your lip lacquer will still not leak. But this part cannot resist breakage upon fall. My mother broke mine few days back while dusting away the table!

Swatch -

Applicator: It comes with a doe-foot applicator which is dissected at an angle which makes it easy to get into the corners of the mouth, so that you can skip upon a lip liner and accentuate your cupid’s bow.

Texture: Initially I went to purchase this lacquer at a local cosmetics store and the guy there said that he won’t bring them to his shop such excessively drying lip color; which kinda made me sceptical too. But, based on my experience I feel these aren’t that drying but drying enough like all other matte liquid lipsticks. So, there’s nothing to complain about because that’s exactly the formulation which we’ve been obsessed with! All you gotta do is apply a layer of lip balm underneath and you’re good to go. In case you have flaky lips, it’s better to prepare your pout with a lip scrub.

πŸ’‘Tip of the Day: Create your own lip scrub by mixing coconut oil and some sugar

Longevity: The cardboard packaging of this lipstick claims that these liquid lipsticks last for 8 hours and are non-transferable. Now, I’d like to mention that these won’t transfer if you imprint your lips upon anything until and unless it comes in contact with anything liquidy or oily. The lip color did transfer when I had water directly from the water bottle. But the amount transferred is very negligible to take into consideration. As to the staying power, yes it does have the potential to stay upto 8 hours if you don’t have a proper mean with this duration. I have had two slices of pan pizza and the lip color did lighten but it did not evaded completely. Also upon lightening, your lips are left with beautiful tint of colour.

My Experience: I tested this lipstick on a shoot day (for blog). Once I was struck by hunger, I did go ahead and eat pizza and upon finishing, still felt no need for re-applying. The next day, I tested its longevity during my bathing time. Yes, longevity test taken under the shower! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The swatch I applied got washed off after some time yet the tint was still visible. Since the packaging is compact, the wand of the lipstick is small and thus provides you more control and precision to work with. It happens with me in case of eyeliners as well; if the wand is long, my wings flies away in a virtual world and I am left with an uneven wing on my eyes. 😁

      ·         Stays for approx 8 hours
      ·         Travel friendly packaging
      ·         Small wand; makes it convenient for application.
      ·         Opaque & very pigmented (one swipe if enough!)
      ·         Beautiful shades available

      ·         Flimsy & fragile top of the packaging.

Rating: 9 /10

Final Verdict: If taken into consideration its longevity & formula, this is one of the most affordable liquid lipsticks (of course after the Miss Claire Lip Creams)! Now, when I say affordable, I am by no means relenting upon its quality. Sometimes, a lot of us underestimate various Indian drugstore brands such as Incolor. This is one of those gem which you ought to have in your vanity!

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  1. Nice review. I love these lip colors too...

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  3. The shade is super duper prettyπŸ’•

  4. Why did they name it red at all. It is more on the orangy peachy side. Nonetheless a really pretty shade :)
    Great post babe :*

  5. I haven't tried blue heaven cosmetics yet. 8 hours staying power, not a joke!�� lovely swatches and review sweetie ☺

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