New Companion for the Foodie within You - Meet SnackExperts! (Price + Review)

By Bhawna D. - May 17, 2017


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Does it happen only with me, that even if I do wanna monitor what goes into my tummy, the intensity of hunger provokes me to gulp onto something convenient which usually can be termed as unhealthy? And thus, all my resolutions made to my body for keeping it in shape and health; goes down the drain. Now, the only apt miracle which can become our Heaven-sent-angel is good / healthy snacking munchies. These would not only keep your hunger satiated but protect you from binging onto fried things. This is exactly where Snackexperts step in. Before I unravel what I received in my Snackexperts subscription box, let me begin by introducing you to Snackexperts.

About Snackexperts:

Snackexperts is an online portal that delivers curated snack-box to your door, paced with a fine selection of five varieties of healthy snacks. They also offer individual boxes as perfect gifts for friends & family.  As to why they started this initiative-
Everyone wants to use ingredients that are better & safer for our bodies, our families, our communities and our planet. We realized that it is becoming difficult to find healthier options without paying a heavier premium. In addition to this, to know where to find these were truly safer was a challenge. We figured others had the same frustration, so we have set out to help healthier-minded eaters discover what’s better”.

Subscriptions Available:

Snackexperts offer three types of subscription at different prices
Ø  Trial Box – Rs. 150: It consists of 3 pouches of snacks and each pouch has 50 grams of content.
Ø  Standard Box – Rs. 699: It consists of 5 pouches with 150 grams of content in each pouch. The snacks can be selected while placing the order from 50+ varieties.
Ø  Smart Snacker Box – Rs. 1799 (for 3 boxes): IT consists of 5 standard pouches in the box with 150 grams per pouch content. Also, you get free #ichoosehealth goodies worth Rs. 300.

What Did I Receive?

1    .     Chocolate Brownie: If someone asks me about my favourite dessert, its none other than brownie dipped in chocolate sauce and served along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Though, the brownies I received wouldn’t have survived before I could have reviewed them but because the packaging clearly states it contains egg; I had to restrain myself. In case you guys don’t know, I am a vegetarian (no eggs included). But still, I wanted reviews of these so I asked one of my friends to supervise this “taste-test”. And I ought to tell you this, she simply lived these! This I feel is the best of the lot. Also, recently they introduced banana chips & those surely looked good.


2   .     Honey Roasted Cashew: Amidst all the dry fruits, I have always preferred cashews and roasted ones with salt sprinkled are all it takes to make my day! :D Yes, finding happiness amongst small things of life. But the team of Snackexperts took it a notch higher; these are coated in honey and chilli flakes sprinkled on top. How beautiful is this combination, right? The amalgamation of honey and after taste of chilli. Thankfully, they don’t really taste sweet but have definitely become my personal favourites. I literally had to keep them off my sight because I couldn’t help but munch them and the post pictures weren’t taken back then!


3    .     Urad Dhal Ladoo: I have had urad dal pakodas before but never a ladoo. I was kinda sceptical initially because dal is also salty and then you make something sweet out of it. My father tasted these first and he approved of them. Btw, do you know a lot of the products not only undergo my testing but also my father’s inspection! LOL These are really soft which is why mine broke in the transit itself. It contains jiggery and these aren’t too sweet; just adequate. You can taste subtle hints of ghee as well. Small pieces of almonds & pistachios are embedded too.

4    .     Kiwi Amla Bonanza: Now this one has 0 grams fat and you can readily include it within your sides as an in-between meal option. Herein, you’ll find sweet dried amla, black raisins and Kiwi. My mother too made some dried amla candies; some salty & some sweet. These can be your go to snacks for attaining Vitamin C, which is good for your hair as well as your eyes.

5    .     Foxtail Millet Twists: These are like those namkeens which you can have with your tea. Millet Twists are crunchy and I’ve experimented lot with these. I once added them in my curd to create some sort of raita. In case you like your sandwiches crunchy, then break some of these millet twists and top them over the salad dressing you’ve prepared.

Final Verdict: In the modern scenario, all of us have got conscious about our health & body. Thus, healthy snacking helps in sustaining the foodie inside you along with taking care of your health.

Rating: 5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Love ❤

   Bhawna D. 

#PR Package; honest opinions.

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  1. I love Snackexperts. I have ordered from them couple of times. My favorites are honey roasted cashews and chocolate brownie, though I wish it came without eggs. You should also try the almond cinnamon flapjack and oats and nuts ladoo :D

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  2. I so wanna have the kiwi amla bonanza. Lovely yummylicious post


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