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Does Elle 18 Eye Drama Kajal Outlives All That It Claims? (Review + Swatch)

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Sounds pleasing? Yes, to me as well! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

When it comes to our eyeliner/kajal, we don’t wanna invest our time upon touch ups! One stroke and we wanna rock the world.. πŸ˜‰ Upon each morning, when you’d wake up half asleep, rushing to get out of the door so as to be on time for college or office; you’d hardly pick up those gel liners and wing out those eyes. Bleh, not my thing! πŸ˜’Firstly I am lazy & secondly one more hassle in the morning and I ain't up for that. This is why; I resort to pencil liners for an everyday basis. After a long time, I again fell in love with an eyeliner-kajal 😍😍 Last crush I presume was the Faces Magnetic eyes and now this one from Elle 18. Stay tuned for detailed review. Also, if you’re following me on Instagram you’d know in advance what review shall be up before hand! Let's Begin. πŸ˜„  

Description: Get the dramatic look with a smooth intense glide. Lasts all day without smudge. Suitable for contact lenses users. Opthalmologically tested, versatile in application.

Claims: Lasts all day long; Smudge proof & Waterproof

Price: Rs. 135 for 0.35 grams

Shade: Bold Black

Packaging: The Elle 18 Eye Drama kajal comes in black cardboard with all its information imprinted in white. What caught my eye was the fact that it had no ingredients list! I don’t usually go for kajals which is why I’m clueless if other brands also don’t mention it. We reviewers are pretty suspicious lot, something unmentioned; we equate it to something being hidden. I’d look at their website, if it has some information on this matter.

My Experience:
The reason why I don’t opt for kajal/eyeliners is due to the absence of a sharpener within it. You can never get a precise tip to work with. Not that all brands offer no sharpener;if I’m not wrong Blue Heaven comes with one, for their retracable kajal. Anyways, let me stop cribbing and move forth with the review.

The formulation; OMG is so buttery smooth, it literally glides on and the colour intensity is truly jet black. Thankfully, even when the kajal is creamy, it sets quickly into more than semi matte with subtle shine. It does not leave you with raccoon eyes. Onto the smudge test, it stayed unmoved. When I tried to smudge the swatch, it did not budge from its place at all! The colour intensity faded comparatively although. A lot of the times, the traces of this kajal remain behind after I wash my face with facial cleanser. Longevity of this kajal onto the eyelids is more than 8 hours; depending on how oily your eyelids are. Post that, I don’t say it fades or gets off; only until you smudge it after a good long day, it would remain intact. So, it has clearly outlived all the claims that the brand mentions about.

πŸ’‘Tip of the day- Use some compact onto your eyelids before you apply your eyeliner; it’s gonna enhance the longevity for those with oily eyelids


Rating: 5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

YES, definitely! But for the usage as eyeliner pencil only, as I’m not at all a kajal person.

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  1. I have oily eyelids. I think I should get this 😊

  2. Hi Bhawna, I use Elle18 liquid eyeliner. Now by reading this post I am looking forward to this pencil liner :) and yes nice review

  3. I never knew this kajal was so true to its claims. Nice review and swatches :)

  4. OMG!!! This is definitely going to be my next purchase :D
    Thanks for sharing hon :)


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