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Mini Makeup Haul ft. Faces Cosmetics

Hola Peeps!

Agreed; I’ve been MIA without any prior notification. Blame it on my university examinations, thesis & seminar papers. Rightfully, I ought to be studying as I am in the midst of my final semester’s examinations, which would prolong till 2nd May, 2017. I tried to keep my hands off from blogging but who can restrain the writer in me from interacting with my lovely readers out here. This also remains the reason why I prefer to scribble my intro(s) at the end of blog post formation.

Just before my exams started, I kinda indulged into shopping crazily; call it my stress-buster mechanism! This is a small post since I won’t be giving out detailed review. So without more delays and much more of my nonsensical talks, let’s see what all I bought from the counters of Faces Cosmetics.

First off is this #affordable lipstick, Faces Go Chic in the shade Suede Pink. I have no idea if it’s just me or you guys too, especially those residing in Delhi feel the winds have turned too harsh and drying lately. I’ve literally kept my matte lippies untouched and started reclining onto soft-creamy formulation lipsticks. This one from Faces Cosmetics comes in black plastic bullet and the shade has been pronounced by the makers as pink but it’s actually a beautiful brown which I believe would suit fair to medium skin tone. The pink tint is only faintly visible. I have had stocked so many soft browns but this shade appeared somewhat different & that’s how it landed up in my vanity.

Since we’ve started up with lipsticks and I’ve picked up two of them, it would be more appropriate for me talk about the second picked lipsticks now. This one is from their ‘Glam On’ range. First things first; I was literally blown away by its packaging. The lipstick bullet is made up of mirror look-alike plastic which isn’t fragile. In case it falls onto the floor, I’ve no idea if it might shatter or not. I love it so much that I can’t put it to break-resistance test (LOL). The shade I have is ‘Bare Again’. Forgive me all those who aren’t into soft browns because this one as well is from the brown family. It glides on smooth and is quite pigmented. The colour payoff is hands down worth recommending! The colour has soft orangish hues but thankfully not too loud.

Lastly, I picked up this blush from again their ‘Glam On’ line. I am not really into loud blush colours yet; maybe someday in future. I prefer mine subtle and not “on your face” blush. The shade I picked up is Gold Dust. It’s a really light peace with some shimmers inside. Once you apply this, the shimmers aren’t evident. The pigmentation isn’t much to be honest; could be because of the colour I selected.  But I noticed, it does appear as a hint after a long swirl of the brush inside the blush pan. The colour, I should warn, would not be visible even onto the medium skin tone. I guess only upon pale skin the colour would emerge.

That’s it for my mini haul. In case you want any particular product(s) detailed review, do let me know. Also, have you tried Faces Cosmetic’s new eyeshadow palette?

Bhawna D.

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  1. Nice haul... And you have clicked beautiful pictures :)

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  2. Nice haul! Btw I'm also going through my end semester exams :(

  3. Nice haul and the website theme is amazing... 😘

  4. All the best for your exams, Hun! I, too shop when I'm stressed so I can relate. Love this post and your way of writing!


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I am glad that you enjoyed reading my post 😀

  5. Lovely post! Thanks for introducimg us with such cool products! I would lovento know more their brushes!

    1. The brush in the picture isn't from Faces 🙂 But I saw affordable brushes by Vega in the Westside Store! Though they tried to hide the fact that they actually use them 😁😁 but those weren't for sale 😂

  6. Great picks! And that neck piece is wow <3 <3


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