First Experience with Globox Subscription | Februay 2017 | Revamped Packaging

By Bhawna D. - February 27, 2017

Greetings Readers😊😊

We all love saving money onto various things and subscription boxes are one of the means to invest a small amount of your pocket money/salary upon personal grooming. In a minimal charge, you get to try different brands and hoard as much of samples/full size products which you never include in your shopping cart for its price.

I’ve been ordering FabBag from a long time ago but I craved for trying out something new. And to my luck, Globox just came out with its new revamped box. In case you know my habit of stocking all possible cute boxes and containers, you’d know I’d save this one as well! πŸ˜ƒ


Now a lot of the subscription boxes send out different kind of bags which might work well for organisation purpose but doesn’t appear too fancy to actually be used as a pouch to showcase. Other time, I always fail to receive that bag which I have had my eyes upon; which again makes you feel disheartened. Perhaps this is why I was happy to receive simply a box which look pretty in case you intend to store things from your vanity in there. Because while placing your order, you never raise your expectations of getting a pouch and end up getting something you're never gonna use. Well, psychological issues! πŸ˜…πŸ˜†

Black, white & pink are the colors employed in the February 2017 Globox. It comes with magnet on its flap which makes it convenient for opening & closure of the same. All the content/products have been placed amid thin paper strips; carefully bubble wrapped. Also, a butter paper can be seen encompassing & holding together everything, with a Globox sticker on it.


         1)      Bio Bloom hair Cleanser                                                         [Hair fall] – INR 699
         2)      Stay Quirky nail Polish Sand Effect TGIF Dance       [Light Makeup] – INR 220
         3)      Soulflower Charcoal Soap                                       [Skin Nourishment] – INR 250
         4)      MUA Pressed Powder Shade 1                                           [Oil Control] – INR 270
         5)      Tea Treasure Sleep Solves Everything                       [Beauty Wellness] – INR 150

                     Total Amount spent on Purchase of this month’s Box – INR 999
              Net Worth received – INR 1,589
                                                  This month’s savings – INR 590

# There were also few coupons cards, info – pamphlets and a hand – written note from the founder  - Jyoti Rani.


1)    Bio Bloom Hair Cleanser: Recently, I’ve heard a lot about this brand. One thing which makes me sceptical with the fact that it provides nourishment and I always prefer my shampoo to have no conditioning properties. For the price, the amount of product is definitely less but let’s see how it would fare.

2)    Stay Quirky Nail Polish Sand Effect TGIF Dance: I remember while filling online form created by Globox, they asked about much makeup I generally prefer and I chose light. I saw online what other Bloggers/YouTubers received and I guess I should have selected medium or high makeup. I’m not really a nail paint lover so it isn’t too overwhelming. Can’t say exactly about sand effect as I haven’t swatched it as of now but I assume there’s gonna be some texture. This color is really pretty and can be described as pale pink.

3)    Soulflower Charcoal Soap: Not one of those who likes to try out organic soaps but the word charcoal makes me expect; I might love it! The box had a beautiful fragrance lingering on because of it.

4)      Mua Pressed Powder Shade 1: While filing the beauty profile, I mentioned about my skin being oily and prone to acne. Therefore, by Expert’s recommendation, I was sent this pressed powder. The packaging is pretty sleek. I tried to take its swatch and realized that the formulation is buttery smooth. But I disliked the fact that it comes no brush or powder puff, which makes me rethink about adding it into my college bag.

5)      Tea Treasure Sleep Solves Everything: I have tough times sleeping when my mind works excessively at night, thinking about various deadlines and internal exams. And the next morning, I am dozing off at every place possible!πŸ˜‚ I guess this lavender tea will be my companion on such days.

FINAL VERDICT: I really enjoyed this subscription box as it caters full size products & 2 makeup items. One thing which I came around is that the original box was priced at INR 799 and raising price for revamped box is kinda disappointing.

RATING – 4 out of 5

Until Next Time,

Take Care <3

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  1. Replies
    1. In case you wanna try, go for the original box😊

  2. Pressed powder looks nice. Great globox. Liked it.

    1. Yes Vidya the pressed powder definitely looks impressive to me as wellπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  3. Its disappointing they have raised the price of the box :( The products seem good though. I have used the BioBloom Hair Cleanser and its one of my favorites, apart from Ma Earth Botanicals cleanser :)

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  4. I wanna try the tea like right now. And yes, I am super curious about the soap :)

  5. Gimme that teaaa!!! :P I have never tried globox subscription service. Recently subscribed to fabbag. Maybe I will think about globox once my fabbag subscription is over! :P You got lovely items bhawna di. :)

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  7. I must try out this lavender tea, suffering from some serious sleep disorder these days :D Liked the contents you received dear, nice box <3

  8. Seems great. Excited about the tea and soap :D

  9. The tea seems to be an interesting product for me!! This is an amazing box.. :)


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