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Outfit Post | Republic Day Edition | Benefits Of Saree

                                            (Pictures are subject to Copyright. Can’t be used without consent) 
Greetings Readers,
Wish you all a very Happy Republic Day! 😊😊
On this occasion, what do we have here at Think It Over? The occasion reminded me of our traditional Indian garment that is Saree. So, I thought why not? Mauka hai, dastoor bhi.

I have never done an outfit post. And of course I have negligible experience when it comes to showcasing outfits. Perhaps that’s because this blog is handled solely by me (some advises taken from the newly formed Technical Team) and it’s kinda awkward to ask others for photographing dresses. Also, leading a double life ain't so easy my friends!😅 Once I am out of my college periphery, that’s when the blogger starts to partake. Anyways, so here I am with my first outfit post. Let’s begin, shall we?

Firstly, let me share some benefits of wearing a saree that I noted down-
  · Symbolizes Indian culture: Saree is known to be the country’s national dress for women. It instantly transforms you and brings out not only feminine traits but also the nazakhat. There’s a wide collection out there but the most adequate I love to keep in my collection is usually the plain ones with little border around the edge. It makes them easy for being customized as office wear but also can be glammed up when you’d wear the same with a fancy, glittery blouse. 😉
  · Immediately makes people around you star stuck: Attention grabber of course it is! In case your body type resembles apple, then saree would definitely come to your rescue. Also, it hides away the paunch area from front and creates an illusion of ideal figure. 😃
  ·   One saree, free size, wearable for all: Sarees come not in different sizes. Therefore, one saree can not only be worn by you but also your friend, mother, sister, etc. This gives you ample opportunity to exchange them with your closed ones. Isn’t that an advantage?
  ·    Adapts to your body type: Draping of saree makes it adjustable to your body type.
  ·    Makes you look graceful & Elegant: At sometimes, we do wanna that elegance in our look and give up the usual break from the normal western wear. Yes, for everyday basis, I love the comfort of my jeans, jeggings, etc. But we all wanna break away that monotony and look a little different on some occasions.

                                         (Pictures are subject to Copyright. Can’t be used without consent) 
I’ve never been to my school’s farewell, neither fresher’s or college farewell! Uneventful? Weird? Various reasons, each time. And history kept on repeating itself. 😛 This is the first time when I wore a saree. I assumed myself smart when I wore it in one go. It’s only when my mother saw me, that the illusionary bubble was pricked and I realized, I had the pallu in opposite direction. 😑 Illusionary bubble? That’s how we came up with blog name LIFE A BUBBLE. 😂😂 I stood like a mannequin and she dressed me up.

Tell me your first saree experience!

Until Next Time,
Take Care <3


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