Raw Rituals: Black Magic Face Scrub: Review, Price & Where to Buy!

By Bhawna D. - October 14, 2016

Hey Everyone!

When I wrote ‘Hey’, my mind began singing “Hey! I was doing just fine before I met you.” *lol*

Today I shall introduce you to another favourite scrub that I enjoy using and my skin sings a glorifying verse for it! I got mine for free as a sample from Smytten. You too can opt for 3 sample products wherein you pay no bucks, not even the shipping price. To know more, click here. Barely few simple steps for procuring freebies! But before that, let’s hop onto the review!
Price: INR 450 for 75 grams

Ingredients: French Green Clay, Activated Charcoal, Grinded Whole-wheat Oats, Grinded Almonds, Rice Flour, Wheatgrass Powder, Turmeric Powder, Zeolite Clay, Jojoba Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Essential Oils of Turmeric & Peppermint.

Directions: Mix adequate amount of scrub with rose water/ curd/ warm water/ milk to make a paste. Apply on face and neck. Once dry, using fingertips in circular motion, rinse off with luke warm water. Do not use wet hands to scoop out the scrub. Avoid eye area.

   ·   100% Natural & Pure
   ·    Chemical & Preservative Free.

My Experience:
I was never really a facial scrub user, until I recently encountered two amazing scrubs that work so amazingly well with my oily and acne prone skin. The first one being, AVA Spring Pond Collection Face & Body Scrub for Oily Skin which I reviewed recently. You can read about it here. Another great facial scrub is the one I am reviewing just now. It has a fragrance of peppermint, very faintly identical to some toothbrush! But it isn’t too overpowering so you can manage with it. I am really in love with the fact that this scrub comes in a powdered form, which makes it friendly and customize-able as per varying skin types. Usually scrubs have cream base, making oily skin greasy and not squeaky clean post usage. For combination to oily skin, water would compliment well for giving this scrub a base. In case you have dry skin, add in milk, honey or curd for extra nourishment. The granules within are grinded to perfection. So that it does not aggravate the skin in case you have few acne bumps or marks. These scrub particles are good for a mild scrubbing.

   ·   100% Natural
   ·    Works well for oily & acne prone skin.
   ·     Minute scrubbing granules.
   ·      No preservatives. 
   ·      Can be easily customized.

   ·    Little expensive.

Final Verdict: Though it’s slightly pricey, but it appears as if they kept in mind the people of my skin type. I would not regret repurchasing it!

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Until Next Time,

Take Care <3

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