People at Diwali: Usual v/s Makeup Lovers!

By Bhawna D. - October 29, 2016

Greetings Readers!

I really don’t wanna go all cliché while wishing my readers on this festive occasion, so I shall keep it pretty simple. Wish you all a grand Diwali!  (:
Today’s post is meant to evoke humour and it is entirely based upon my weird ideas. It is not intended to cause any offense to anyone. With all that disclaimers added, let’s begin! :D

Festive Cleaning

Before the arrival of Diwali, every household is busy making things appear pinteresty! It may range from slight changes like using a new bed sheet, curtains and ornaments being set up, to getting the walls painted! We, the makeup lovers, on occasion of Diwali, wash all our brushes and de-clutter our vanity & ultimately end up finding those makeup items which we’ve bought with all our heart, then long forgotten of it! :’D In short, we re-discover new makeup. *Wink*


There are numerous pretty things available out there within the markets which look so amazing, especially in pictures! For providing oomph to that boring centre table, just grab a big plain bowl, add in water, glitters or flower petals and float in them some floating candles. Or you can simply club together few identical candles or diyas and set them up wherever you like. I painted my diyas with golden paint. On the other hand, we makeup lovers additionally use our makeup to give our decorations a third element. For instance, on my bedside; I placed my lip balm tub with a pair of candle :D

Festive Shopping
During the occasion of Diwali, websites and stores offer slashed priced on amazing goodies. That’s the time when everyone is busy grabbing for themselves one of the great deals. We makeup lovers instead, look out for festivities sale to lay our hands upon those products, skincare or cosmetics that are expensive to buy on usual days! Websites like Nykaa are our safe heaven! *Wink* I remember I bought myself Tony & Guy Seat Salt spray during one such time. *Lol*

Have an amazing Diwali and festivals coming forth (:

Until Next Time,

Take Care <3

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