Diwali Makeup Tips & Tricks!

By Bhawna D. - October 30, 2016

Hello Readers (:

I love this time of the year! City wrapped up in lights and sky full of fireworks <3
It’s like so many festivals are lined up together and generates excitement with the arrival of each. You meet people whom you have not seen in ages! Besides, who doesn’t like munching salted dry fruits? :D Keeping that little talk aside, let’s jump onto makeup tips & tricks essential for Diwali!

   ·   Let your base be stronger: Every grand monument stands straight with a good devotion of time upon the base. Same goes for a festive makeup look. On usual days I love it when slight imperfection peeps through the makeup. High coverage is what I avoid. But celebrations do call upon perfection! If concealers aren’t your thing, just dab a little foundation over marks or acne and smooth it out with a finger. Brush or sponge would move away the product hence finger suggested. Don’t reach out for an extra pale foundation. Some pictures might be clicked with flash on and you don’t wanna rock a ghastly look, until that’s what you’re going for! Early Halloween :’D Also, ditch any makeup base that has SPF. It ends up providing a white cast.

   ·    Bronze/Contour: Foundation makes the face appear flat and that does highlight the largeness of the face, if you have a square shaped face, like mine. You don’t really need additional products for it. Try looking for an eyeshadow that goes well on your face for adding in some dimension, without making it appear muddy. For contouring, you can use any soft cream brown lipstick. I use Maybelline’s Color Show ‘Mysterious Mocha’ and then set it with Maybelline’s The N*des Palette taupe brown eyeshadow as a bronzer.

   ·    Highlight: If you’ve newly been bitten by the bug of highlight, then all you gotta do is use our shimmery pearly eyeshadows wisely! In case you have one of those gorgeous olive skin tone, you can go ahead with some shimmery eyeshadow with mute golden colour.  
   ·    Eyebrows: Filled in eyebrows really make a huge difference. Mine are always kept slightly thick so they need extra grooming or else the hair strands would fight using all their will, swaying in every possible direction. You can to an extent alter your eyebrows shape and work upon those things that your threading or plucking fails to achieve! I like to draw my arch a little higher. *Wink*

   ·    Eyeshadow: Some eyeshadows, especially glittery ones, fail to provide a lot of colour intensity when used on eyelids. Within the packaging they might look all good but on application they give only little pigmentation. That’s when the wrestler gets in the ring! Use your damp fingers, swirl it in and then pack the eyeshadow onto the lids. Also, use concealer beneath for neutralizing darkness around the eyes. This would help the eyeshadow colour to pop up.
   ·    Lip Colour: Make your lipsticks last long by setting them with powder. If you want to tone down the intensity of a lipstick then apply the powder directly onto the lips. But otherwise, you can use a tissue, place it onto the lips and then tap it off with some powder. Lipstick Sealer aren’t easily available in India, that too at an affordable price so baby powder does it’s trick and you’re good to go! *Wink*

   ·    Patches post makeup: In case the brush’s friction against the cheek while makeup application leaves off your face slightly patchy, spray in the end some thermal spring water and it’s gonna set everything up, giving a fine layer of hydration but without oiliness. If you don’t have that, Gulabjal of any brand will do!

And that’s it for today! Enjoy your Diwali (:


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