Blue Nectar Shubhr Radiance Honey Face Cleanser: Price, Review & Where to buy!

By Bhawna D. - October 22, 2016


 Hello readers!

This week was quite hectic as the college deadlines were piling on. Bear with me just for a few more days and I'd be back with frequent uploads. Since there was a gap in my internal date-sheet, I decided to do what pleases me the most! Yes, you got it right, I scribble & that’s the only means I know of socializing :'D *Introvert problems*

I was gone for some college camp and, it was so damn hard living there within tents and frogs emerging from every possible creaks! But we, still made it fun; scarring half the people with torches, white sheet and shitty grudge ghost's voices! *LOL* Anyways, once I was back, everything looked so clean and better. On being home, I saw a parcel waiting for me from Blue Nectar. It’s now been given adequate trial and its time that I shall review Blue Nectar’s Shubhr Radiance Honey Face Cleanser for you guys. 

Description: Radiance, Prevent Acne, Reduce wrinkles, Anti ageing are few benefits of Radiance Honey Face cleanser. 8 Vital herbs like Raw honey, Aloevera with anti oxidant & anti microbial properties makes face supple, soft and radiating. Perfect after hectic day to rinse skin of pollution.

Direction: Use appropriate amount on damp skin, light massage & rinse well with water & pat dry.

Key Ingredients: Steam Distilled Water 15%, Raw Honey 10%, Nagkesar 3%, Anantmool 3%, Aloevera 5%, Daucus carota var sativa (Gajar Bij) 3%, Glycerin 2%, Base (QS), Gulab Ark 3%, Phenoxyehtanol (Paraben Free) 0.5%, No Color added.

Price: INR 395

Net Weight: 100 ml

Where to buy: You can buy it from here or directly from their website by clicking here.

 8 Vital Herbs:
   ·     Raw Honey
   ·     Mensua  ferrea Linn (Nagkesar)
   ·     Hemidesmus indicus (Anantmool)
   ·     Aloe barbadensis Mill (Aloevera)
   ·     Daucus carota var sativa (Gajar Bij) 
   ·     Rosa centifolia Linn (Gulab Ark)
   ·     Vanilla
   ·     Lemon

Packaging: To be honest, the packaging blew me away! It all looked so fancy when I unboxed my parcel. There is an outer cardboard packaging with blue and yellow detailing. Inside you’ll find a bottle of the cleanser and a pump which makes the usage quite convenient. The cleanser comes in a blue plastic bottle, going along with the name of the brand. The bottle is kinda translucent and you can make out the amount of face wash that’s left inside.
My skin type is combination and acne prone. Usually I like to buy facial cleansers that leave my skin squeaky clean and oil free. Since the name of the cleanser states ‘Honey’, I was highly sceptical about using this as it might have ended up leaving my skin greasy. For washing away the dirt and grime, you can take out somewhere between one or two pumps of the content, never more than that would be needed. It does produce foam and smells absolutely heavenly! The fragrance is identical to some spa treatment. Post wash, your skin is left with no pollution, no oil but a beautiful radiance and softness. It really made me touch my skin as often as they exaggeratedly do in some skincare advertisements! *LOL* It also gives a refreshing sensation. It worked well when the weather was slightly warmer and also now when it has begun to get moderate as the winter’s approaching. Also, it really does manage to keep my acne at bay which is what I really worry about. 

   ·     Cleanses the face well
   ·     Leaves no stretchy feel
   ·     Gives subtle glow
   ·     Refreshing
   ·     All natural
   ·     Keeps skin at bay!

   ·    A tad bit expensive for a facial cleanser.

Final Verdict: I really fell in love with this facial cleanser! There really existed nothing that went against my skin when I used it.

Rating: 4.95

Did you guys ever played a prank over someone around? Did it work? Just curious! :D            

Until Next Time,
Take Care <3

*Not a sponsored post. Products were sent to me for the purpose of reviewing and all opinions are my own. 

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