Vedic Collection: Tatha Lip Balm Melon

By Bhawna D. - September 30, 2016

 Hello people,

Today I learnt a major lesson of life; never give away truth to people who aren’t worth taking your sentiments into consideration. They are happy to reside in a cocoon of deceits. Give them nothing else but the illusion that they wanna breed upon! 

Too heavy an intro for the post?  Did you recently noticed how the sun begins to set early and the night feels too long? Now, don’t go ahead and explain to me the scientific reasons, I was merely going in for a little digression! :D So recently, I received this lip balm from The Vedic Collection for the purpose of reviewing. It took a little time for me to post it because a lot of reviews were due and lined up! Enough of my racing thoughts; let's begin. 
 A Little about the Brand:
“The Vedic Collection is totally committed to provide pure, natural, safe and effective products, thereby, enhancing and enriching the lives of all those we touch. All our products are handmade under strict quality supervision; are parabens, sulphate & chemical free and are not tested on animals. We use, only recyclable glass bottles for storing our products to maintain its purity, as we are aware that plastic containers react with the essential ingredients used in aromatherapy and loses its potency”

Description:  You can actually feel this lip balm working on dry lips making them soft and lush.

Ingredients: Prunus Amygdalus Var. Dalcus, Apis Mellifera, Citrullus Lanatus Fragrance Oil.

Directions: Take a small amount and apply to lips. This can be applied as many times as required during the day.

Price: INR 250 for 15 grams

Buy: For purchasing this, click here

Packaging: This lip balm comes in a small glass jar and golden blingy lid. Though the size is definitely compact for throwing in into bag/purse, and the glass jar too does not appear fragile. Yet at the back of my mind remains the fact that it is made up of glass and I might end up breaking it as I always stumble into walls and people endlessly! But, it looks pretty sitting over my table top. *wicked smile*

There’s a beautiful fragrance, not too over-powering, which fills up my nostrils every time I use it. May be its melon; I am not really into identifying aroma. When you glide this onto your lips, it does not feel waxy. It doesn’t either make your lips appear too shiny. It gives subtle glow and a lot of hydration. I love using it at the night time! In the morning this makes my lips plump, soft and creaseless; making them a much smoother canvas to work with for a liquid lipstick. Though for application, some might not like the fact that it is to be applied using fingers, but I don’t mind that at all. Very little amount is needed, making it last for a longer span. On coming in contact with finger’s temperature, the lip balm negligibly melts but thankfully, even on room temperature, it does manage to retain its original shape and consistency.

Final Verdict: Thumbs up from Think It Over!

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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Until Next Time

Take Care <3

P.s. I shall be gone for a week; part of college course necessity! Will be back by 7th October evening. Also, send in your love ‘cause it’s my birthday on 6th October! :D :D

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