Makeup Haul from Impressions Store!

By Bhawna D. - September 07, 2016

Hello people,

Recently, in some unfortunate moment, I lost my makeup pouch that contained basic items along with my earphones and power bank. Fell it where you ask? I still have no clue! I play the memory CD again and again, to and fro, still with a blurred vision. Two days full of guilt; while the third twisted my perception and bestowed a wicked beam of enlightenment saying- “Now is the right opportunity to grab some more makeup!” And the tempted side, appearing all angelic, said “Amen”.   
I’ve wanted to visit the Impressions Store which is in Karol Bagh (Delhi) for such a long time but got no friend to accompany me. This time, I coaxed my best friend and he not only agreed, but approved for the same lipstick shade in the shop which I had intentions to pick! On reaching the Karol Bagh market, we missed upon the shop, reaching slightly ahead and landing upon a big counter that said Impressions Counter. But I read it online that it’s a proper shop. Thankfully, the counter people took us to the shop! I guess they worked together or something. Excitement casted my rationality and I forgot to ask.

 So here’s what I got-
   ·     Mei Linda Eyebrow pencil- INR 250
   ·     Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade 42- INR 150
   ·     Valkyries Colors Vitamin E Chubby Crayon in shade 01- INR 250
   ·     Pro Arte Makeup Brush for Contour- INR 270 (forgot to include the brush in images)
   ·     3 Miss Claire Eyeshadows- INR 90 each
   ·     L.A. Girl Pro Concealer (Creamy Beige) - INR 490
   ·     Sivanna Colors Baked Powder Duo- INR 350
   ·     Incolor Eyeliner Sketch Pen- INR 150 (bought from local cosmetics store)

Address: 17A/64, Ajmal Khan Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi- 110005.

Stay Tuned for the reviews! *wink*

Until Next Time

Take Care<3

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  1. Looking forward to the reviews Bhawna ๐Ÿ˜˜

    1. Would upload by the weekend or definitely by the next week :)

  2. Weee me loves the haul :D same pinch on the 42, what a pretty shade it is. Eyebrow pencil looks good :)

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    1. I too love haul :D :D Till now the eyebrow pencil fares pretty well :)

  3. Waiting for the reviews babe :)

  4. Ahh so many pretty makeup stuff! Guess I need to go there now :)

    1. You live in Delhi? We could go together in that case ;)

  5. Great haul. Looking forward for the reviews :)

  6. That was really a very attractive haul plus all are affordable :)


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