Epi-Plus Lotion: Price & Review

By Bhawna D. - September 10, 2016

Hello people,

Few days back, I received some skincare products from the brand, Ethicare Remedies. They recently came out with their Monsoon kit which incorporates-
   ·         Cutishine- Face Wash for Daily Cleansing- INR 159 (70 gm)
   ·         Epi Plus Lotion- Sensitive Skin Cleanser- INR 180 (100 ml)
   ·         Ospis- Anti Bacterial Skin Care Soap- INR 69 (100 gm)- 2 pieces
   ·         Sweatnil- Anti Perspirant Gel- INR 170 (50 ml)
If you wanna read more about this kit, click here or visit their website here.

   ·         Soap free
   ·         Fragrance free
   ·         Non comedogenic
   ·         Hypo allergic
   ·         Balanced pH

Active Ingredients- Cetyl Alcohol: 2.65% w/w
                                   Stearyl Alcohol: 0.26% w/w
Preservatives- Sodium Propyl Paraben & Sodium Methyl Paraben (in a specially formulated lotion base)

Directions: Wet the body with water and apply epiplus cleansing lotion. Massage the body gently and then rinse with water. Wipe the body with a soft towel. Avoid scrubbing your skin. For best results use daily.

Packaging: The Epi-Plus Cleansing lotion comes in a white squeeze out tube which is opaque and has a black flip top open lid. This makes it super convenient and travel friendly. But because the tube isn’t transparent, you can only estimate the amount of content left by roughly weighing it with your hand.

My Experience:
Though the product name mentions it to be a lotion, but it is actually a cleansing lotion. It is targeted exclusively for dry and sensitive skin type. As per the claims, it truly has a soap free formulation. It does get rid of dirt but spares the skin of its moisture. The skin feels soft post cleansing. But the combination to oily skin type people might not be able to use it. In harsh winter days, people with dry skin may need to layer on a moisturizer as well. This cleanser mimics a lotion but without being heavy in texture. It washes off easily and does remove makeup to an extent.  

Final Words: It would definitely be worth trying if you’ve got sensitive or dry skin.

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Until Next Time,

Take Care <3

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  1. I have used this cleanser but it was too mild for my oily skin :(

    Nice clicks n review as always Bhawna :)

    1. Thanks Sonali :-*
      I have combination to oily skin and it did not really helped with that as it has hydrating properties. But then, it's gonna work amazingly well for the remaining skin types :)


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