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Whenever I use the word lovely, it reminds me of a friend whose 9 years elder to me and still doesn’t get bored in chatting with me while he’s at work. TMI you say? :’-D

Recently, I was bombarded with so many awaited parcels and I mentioned about these in my recent haul post which you can read here. I had for so long waited to shop from Tmart.com. It is a China based website that offers amazing stuff at dirt cheap rates. They have so many close dupes of high end products that I couldn’t resist myself from dropping an order. I was just hunting a person who could be my saviour and swipe the magic of his card like a magician’s stick because I still do not own a credit/debit card. It approximately took slightly less than a month for it to arrive. Tmart offers worldwide free delivery which is definitely a bonus *Wide Grin* I was initially sceptical since the order was to arrive from China and I feared that I might end up getting broken makeup. Unfit packaging and broken makeup shatters away my heart within a micro second.

The Urban Decay Naked Palette (Dupe) arrived within a cardboard packaging which isn’t too appealing but then at the price of $5.99 or INR 400 (as per today’s dollar rate) I cannot expect the simpleton wondrous packaging of the real Naked Palette. Inside, the palette comes within a flimsy thick cardboard which has been covered in a brown velvet cloth. The palette contains a mirror which is definitely not small and quite convenient. What I dislike about my Maybelline the N*des Palette is that it lacks a mirror and while applying eyeshadow I first need to look into the palette then into the mirror and this drill goes on for a long time. Also, the Naked Palette Dupe comes along with a brush. It does not really mimic the original one as the colour itself it similar to that of the Real Techniques purple makeup brushes; and this doesn’t really help in blending but more for patting on the eyeshadow and intensifying the outer v corner. 

The eyeshadows have same names as in the real palette and most of them appear alike. The shades that really wounded my heart were- Naked, Buck & Half Baked. These two are really raved about as a transitional shade on YouTube but within the dupe palette they are really of no use. Naked & Half Baked are hardly visible onto the lids. Within this spectrum of colours, those at extreme left aren’t too pigmented in comparison to those at the other end of the tunnel (not literally). The eyeshadows do have leave off fallouts and those with shimmers are actually pigmented while the matte shades are a dud. These do blend but takes a teeny tiny more effort. To accentuate the colour intensity, you can use an eyeshadow base or concealer and spray your brush, not dripping wet, with H2O. These can work well for those who are new into makeup and don’t want to spend on expensive eyeshadows. For those of you who work with eyeshadows on a daily basis can surely order these. Lastly, I guess I’d go back again onto Tmart and dug up for more dupes *Wink* 


 (From L to R: Gunmetal, Creep, Hustle, Toasted, Dark Horse, Smog, Half Baked, Buck, Sidecar, Naked, Sin & Virgin)

 (From L to R: Dark Horse, Smog, Half Baked, Buck, Sidecar, Naked, Sin & Virgin)

(from L to R: Gunmetal, Creep, Hustle, Toasted, Dark Horse & Smog)

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