Hello people,
There are always those purchases which remain in your storage and you’ve hardly used them because they simply aren’t worth it. My dad hates abundant tubes and bottles lying around in bathroom which is why I throw out anything that I feel serves me dissatisfaction. I usually avoid brimful of chemicals as my skin is weirdly rebellious and sensitive. Products that break outs my face, I’d rather get rid of them then cause further damage by using it. So, let’s begin with the post, shall we?

VLCC Radiant Fairness Day Cream

Well honestly, I by no means endorse fairness related products because I believe they are also to be blamed for colour discrimination that is so rampant, even in countries wherein majority of the people have beautiful olive skin. This VLCC Radiant Fairness Day Cream was bought when my sister used to have her treatment going on with their centres. The staff there sang about goodness of their products and because it was my sister’s pre wedding days, she had to invest her trust and money into everything and anything that can enhance her skin.  This showed no significant changes on her and when I tried it, I felt it gave good hydration and instant fairness which I am least concerned about and that too was also temporary. It retails for INR 1200 and that is definitely too much for a barely a facial moisturizer I guess, no?

Patanjali Anti Wrinkle Cream

When 2 years back I was attacked severely by acne, my dad took me to Patanjali’s doctor whose visit was like awkward and mind boggling. She suggested me so many medications and products, and one of them was this cream. Ironically, when she wrote ‘Anti Wrinkle Cream’, I was like no I have no wrinkles issue and she revealed that it’s not really meant for wrinkles but pigmentation and scars. Frustrated by peoples’ annoying comments and suggestions on acne, I went ahead with this, completing almost 2 tubes. This cream hardly eliminates your scars and all it did was made my skin oilier. Although it is priced at INR 150 but Patanjali products are usually a miss for me except few face washes and packs.

ADS Liquid Lipstick

I don’t know if this problem has emerged in all their liquid lipsticks or the one I got has dried up slightly. The lipstick formulation has dried up now, making application uneasy. Also, I picked this up assuming it to be a dark pink colour but this one is a neon pink and I am not into neon colours for lipstick. Thus, it remains out of my consideration now. It retails at INR 120 and I have reviewed it here- http://lyfabubble.blogspot.in/2016/06/ads-long-lasting-lip-gloss.html

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Take Care <3