Hello everyone,

My Skullcandy earphones stopped working: /

These costed me INR 800 and I thought why not make it special for my new phone. I don’t know why, all my earphones end up getting ruined because one of their earplugs randomly one day stops working when I have a bus journey ahead for college. They survive maximum for 3 or 4 months and by then I have to buy new ones. Is it only me? Is it the fault within my stars? *LOL*

Today I shall be reviewing Pep Moisture Velvet Shampoo which I received in my July Fab Bag (post here- http://lyfabubble.blogspot.in/2016/07/unveiling-fab-bag-july-2016-edition.html). This shampoo comes in a small plastic bottle with pastel lemon cover which is kinda cute but bad in terms of photographing. Anyways, it has oat protein milk and intends to nourish the hair. It claims to provide softer and more manageable hair. Since I have thin hair, I run away from words like ‘conditioning’ or ‘moisturizing’ because they make my hair weigh down and limp. Ironically, Fab Bag Crew sends out same hair care product when even a single hand’s fingers aren’t identical or of same length.

What I disliked about the packaging is the fact that there is no stopper between the neck of the shampoo bottle and its screw cap. But hopefully there wasn’t any spilling either. The shampoo has quite a nice fragrance which isn’t too subtle but not too powering either. Now when I had this in my hair while bathing, I kept it for slightly longer duration because the direction on the packaging states that it needs to be kept for 4-5 minutes. Honestly, I don’t usually spend such a long time for rinsing away the shampoo. But when I began washing the shampoo foam off, I could feel my hair become soft. So the shampoo really does moisturize the hair and make it soft. Since it is monsoon here in Delhi, washing hair everyday has almost becomes a necessity. On brighter weathers, it can fare 2 days I think. It is definitely recommendable for normal to dry hair type. But people with thin hair might see its beneficiary elements as disappointing. Also, there is sulphate in this shampoo.

Price- INR 119 for 50 ml

Rating- 4.2 out of 5

Until Next Time,
Take Care <3