7 Heaven Super Matte Lipstick

By Bhawna D. - July 05, 2016

Hello ladies,

By now, you’d definitely be aware about my lipstick love *WINK*

I can never get enough of lipsticks, even if my vanity screams- Lipstick Overload! Summer is all about colourful makeup. With sweat and humid weather melting away the entire makeup base, my minimalistic quick makeup look would incorporate compact powder and a beautiful lipstick shade. 

I’ve reviewed a lot of 7 Heaven lipsticks and every time I raid the local cosmetics store, 7 Heaven is out with another product from their range. Honestly, with their price range, I think they are catering quite amazing products and their longevity is commendable as well. This review was long due but I wanted to test it thoroughly for reviewing. I had initially seen this on Flipkart at an expensive rate of INR 475. When I visited the cosmetic store, I had intentions of purchasing the new Elle 18 Matte lipsticks for reviewing and they were like it’s not out in the market, is it?  And I was like yes, go tell your suppliers to send them quickly *LOL* The shopkeeper anyways showed me these lipsticks. When I swatches the testers, I saw a beautiful nude shade as well which is similar to Maybelline’s Mysterious Mocha from their Color Show range. Reviewed here- http://lyfabubble.blogspot.in/2016/01/maybellinecolorshow-creamy-matte.html

The lipstick comes in a pretty cool packaging with all black gothic vibe to it and colourful cap which varies as per the lipstick shade. This is quite convenient if you’ve stored them in a compact box and don’t have the time of taking out each and choosing. All lipstick shades has names which is nice and the shade that I picked up is ‘Lady Danger’. The name obviously is copied from the MAC lipsticks which cut shorts the creativity of naming the lipstick shades. Lady Danger is a coral pink which appears like a pink, standing on the verge of maturing and transforming into a red colour. Does that statement hints out at me watching Pokemon lately? *LOL* In sun, it appears like an orangish peachy pink as well. Perhaps I am bad at explaining colour shades. In pictures it appears pink. The colour is amazing but my skills aren’t with colour spectrum.  :-p

To test the longevity, I wore this lipstick to college for an exam and I applied it at 8:30 am. I had a three hour exam from 10 am. After my exam, the lipstick was still intact. And it was there after I had my lunch, but it slightly faded and that too evenly. The lipstick isn’t butter smooth while application but not too matte as well. The lipstick initially doesn’t appear complete matte, but after a while it sets so beautifully without a powdery finish that is usually common in a matte lipstick. It has no stickiness either and the formula is light. It survived for 5 hours with a heavy lunch and did not completely vanish off but I ended up re-applying because of colour fading. I like the fact that even on losing the colour intensity, the lipstick fades leaving of beautiful stain and that too without appearing uneven. One drawback being, it slightly settles onto the crease so exfoliating of the lips before application would tackle that problem well.


Price- INR 170 (advisable to buy from stores rather than online at inflated prices)

·         Stays for more than 5 hours
·         Drinks does not make it vanish
·         Even on fading, leaves off a beautiful tint
·         Fades evenly
·         Price factor

·         Expensive online
·         Availability
·         Contains parabens
·         Settles into fine lines

Would I recommend it?
Yes, for sure!

Rating- 4.5 out of 5.

Until Next Time,
Take Care <3

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