First Anniversary of ‘Think It Over’

By Bhawna D. - June 29, 2016

When I was in 10th grade, my dad would teach me maths. He was aware of my incapability in cramming formulas; this is why he would showcase me how they have been derived. But when I compared my progress with other students, I saw I was slow to learn and annoyed I told my father that this derivation thing is actually time consuming and I should perhaps simply start cramming them like others and begin with questions. And here’s what he told me-
Study never goes waste. It might not help you today in exams but in the longer run or somewhere on someday you’d realize it was all worth the while.”

But in 10th and 12th grade, you simply dismiss these ideas because all you wanna do is gain good scores in the Board Exams. That’s what your school and tuition teachers are worried about. In my first semester of graduation, I flunked my two exams due to some personal issues. My family was quite supportive as they knew I tried and did what I could. My dad said-
You studied, you played your part, and not passing isn’t in your hand; which is why I am not angry. Better luck for next time.”

Now when I think of it, I realize that from then on, I changed one thing. That was to forego my concerns about the worst possible, and to do things because I wanna gain intellect, experience, etc. From then on, I was happy in learning new things and putting efforts without thinking about the results or gains it’s gonna provide me with. This change showed progressive results, but the difference was that I no longer cared about marks. I mean it’s not like I was completely freed of it, but somehow I was happy about the efforts that I amalgamated while I worked on it. And it did improve my grades.

Since a long time I had a desire of writing a blog, but I wasn’t sure what category I should opt for. When I thought about writing about beauty related stuff, I thought how can I become a Beauty Blogger, when I am not one of those would be termed as a beautiful woman. Keeping aside the complex within the growing me, I began via creating a blogging account. There were days when I posted almost every day, and saw almost negligible readers. With each passing day I learnt more about blogging. I had spent days worrying about suspicious links, blogger themes, no comments, worrying about whether I was doing enough for my blog. In the beginning, blogging was kept entirely secret but after a month or two, I disclosed this to my family and they were obviously helpless in assisting me with it. Along with my post graduation, new atmosphere of college, I worked on my blog. While my friends, unaware about my blog, discussed about daily issues, I’d worry myself about a marketing manager commenting upon one of my blog post because I was quite blunt in writing exactly what happened when my sister received their beauty services which worsened everything. To cut short the matters, I took it away from my page, because even though we all are endowed with right to speech, a movie can go through 100 cuts and in my case, I am just a small blogger. I chose not to write about them because they were definitely not worth it, not even negative reviews.

Today, it’s been a year and I remember I wanted this blog page to sail without me endorsing it on social media or disclosing it with my friends. By now, only my closed ones know about me writing for a blog and one of my friend has consistently asked me about its link but he being a guy, I thought would be least interested in beauty issues. I don’t see myself providing it with referrals via social media in the coming year but may be sometime later. Up till this day, I’ve decided to keep writing, without looking and worrying about followers, readers, comments, etc. Because “when studies never go waste”, how can any efforts at all go down the drain? I am happy that I tried. Life itself is a continuous battle, if I don’t give upon it, how can I with my blogging? And though the whole blogging process is like a child growing up, taking its time, I am ready to nurture it with good content. And even if I fail, I still wanna try, without comparing my blog with that of others.  :)

Until Next Time,
Take Care <3

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