Hello people,
Welcome to my blog! :)

It’s been a year since I initiated my blog journey. Honestly, it isn’t a cake-walk. There have been days when I’d contemplate is my blog going the right direction? Shall I continue? As you post blogs, you start getting familiar with the workings of blogger. You gotta scrutinize in dim light your own path and research about changing themes (not those that are offered by blogger), clicking pictures, technicalities of lighting for blog photography, background, etc. Sometimes, it feels kind of alienated when your friends are discussing about mundane issues and at the back of your mind you are wondering whom to ask about how to create a drop down menu in your blog page. Of course you don’t wanna keep blabbering about blogging with your friends because not everyone will be willing to hear your problems of it. Further, you choose to not disclose to all about your life as a blogger. I guess, each day you learn something new and it’s like establishing a fully fledged fire from scratch.

Anyways, I have been trying lately to click pictures for a makeup look; but somehow, in real it looked better than the images were capturing. This is why; I started with an easy makeup look. I hope to progress soon and share with you other makeup looks.

So here’s the look that I created. It is apt for summers where you wanna play with colors and its really easy and saves a lot of time while appears as if you’ve taken extra time for makeup. I personally feel that college going girls would love it a lot. It is quite convenient for days when you got no time to get all fancy with your makeup but in short amount of time you still wanna look good. No eyeshadow has been used. I’ve topped off the teal eyeliner look with a peachy matte lip color. Here’s how it looks-

Products used-
Essence Stay All Day 16 hour foundation, Maybelline Clear Glow compact, Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in ‘Creamy Cinnamon’, Makeup Revolution London Concealer stick in ‘01- Fairest’, Eye Works by Ivovi Glimmer stick for eyes in ‘Peacock Blue’ (you can find this color quite easily in the Maybelline Colossal colored eye pencil and in Lakme too) & 7 Heaven 2 in 1 Liquid lipstick in ‘Peach Perfect’.

P.S. Coming up soon; Incolor Matte Me Review!  *WINK*

Until Next Time,
Take Care <3