Hello people,

When I hadn’t started writing for blog, I read so many posts and articles about the goodness of Lavender oil. Lavender oil can be used for so many purposes. For instance, it can be incorporated in your hair oiling routine and it works like the song of Jigglypuff from Pokemon to make you fall asleep. The essential oils are concentrated and shouldn’t be used like normal oils. They are always advised to be mixed along with other oils. Lavender oil helps in relaxing your muscles. On the days when your tiny feet feel stiffed, soak them in warm water and pour few drops of lavender oil into it. Had feet been bestowed with speaking abilities, they would tell you how thankful they’ve been with such a pampering process. Further, it can also be used on skin as it has anti-bacterial properties.  The key is to dilute and not to use it directly. 

I haven’t got a chance to use essential oils from any other brand, but this one from Blossom Kochhar is pretty nice. It has a wonderful soothing fragrance. Also, the packaging of it is quite vintage looking, with a piece of wood as the bottle screw cap. It doesn’t come with a dropper but has a slight pierced hole which helps in using this oil judiciously. The bottle of this essential oil is made of glass, so it is breakable and not travel friendly. The retail price of it is INR 275 for 20 ml of content. One thing that I really liked is that the product has not been tested on animals (as claimed on the packaging).

There have been days, especially during my exams when I had kept myself awake and got into the habit of drinking coffee every day. I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but coffees in college or work aren’t that effective than the one you prepared yourself at home. Self prepared coffee tends to keep me awake for so long and ironically sometimes way past the moment when I really need to sleep and the next day is my exam. Last month, I had my exam the next day and I was up until 3:30 am because I just couldn’t fall asleep. My friend on call advised me various techniques and somehow he knows how bathing triggers the sleepy side within me. So he advised me to bath at such an odd hour. Fortunately, I saw this bottle of lavender oil in my bathroom and I added it into my bathing water. Post bathing my friend called again, talking barely for 5 minutes, I had to tell him- “Dude, I feel sleepy”. And without hearing his response, I went to sleep so that the blessed opportunity does not slip by.   *LOL*

Rating- 4.2 out of 5

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Take Care <3