Hello Everyone,

Recently, I organized my vanity drawer. It had been messed up to such an extent that I could hardly find something within it; and to my annoyance, my mother stored few random stuff into it as well, like a toothpaste.  *LOL* As I cleaned up, I found this ADS Long Lasting Lip Gloss which was purchased 2 weeks back.

ADS products can be found in local cosmetics store or online. The one I am reviewing, is available on Amazon, but in a set of four or six. When I saw this in the store, I picked it up just to see how well it fares, as it’s sold at quite a cheap price. Currently, I am studying, so I always look out for affordable products rather than the luxurious ones. ADS Long Lasting Gloss in actually a liquid lipstick and the packaging claims that it stays for 24 hours. There are details written on it regarding ingredients and product manufacturing. But one thing that’s missing is a price tag. The lipstick comes in a plastic tube which is translucent and the colour can easily be seen through it. I really liked the design on the screw cap. It has leopard print detailing with studs placed in the shape of lips. Though it appears travel friendly to me but I saw a YouTube video wherein someone said it broke off while travelling. So, I’d say be careful about that. 

The shade I picked up is 06, which a blue toned pink. I was looking for pink lip colour during those days and perhaps why I ended up with this one. To be honest, I am not a fan of blue toned pinks. It just appears too bright for my taste. The lipstick dries out into matte finish in 30 seconds or so; this gives you enough time to rectify any mistakes while application. The texture of the lipstick on setting is powdery matte. In comparison to 7 Heaven Color Stay 2 in 1 Lipstick (reviewed here- http://lyfabubble.blogspot.in/2016/06/7-heavens-color-stay-2-in-1-liquid.html), this lipstick is more drying. Further, it sets into fine lines. Therefore, a layer of lip balm underneath is a must. I applied it once with a brush and next time with the wand applicator that comes along with it, the lipstick application appears uneven. Although in images it isn’t quite apparent, but in real it does look weird. The staying power of it is average. It can stay on your lips for more than 2 hours, but without a sip of water or food bites. If you plan to go out applying this then remember, you cannot do with a re-application post your meal.


How it look on me-

Rating- 1.5 out of 5

Price- INR 100

Until Next Time,
Take Care <3