In our childhood, we all would have encountered fairy-tales wherein the heroine had to fight the villainous witch. Witches are bestowed with the art of creating a concoction which helps them in fighting. Today, we are gonna make one for ourselves in order to fight the hair problems. Remember, it is hard to completely restore the ruin which has already been caused; so right care at the right time is exactly what is needed.

We are always bombarded with the advice to oil our scalps. So let me share with you the concoction that I amalgamate in order to take care of my hair. This can be used once a week and it would nourish your hair, providing it with correct amount of vitamins.

·         Coconut Hair Oil
·         Almond Hair Oil (100% pure)
·         Lavender Oil (concentrated)
·         Vitamin E capsules 

  •          Take a small bowl or any utensil and mix all the oils into it. Coconut oil is to be used in larger quantity, while the Almond oil comparatively is to be used in quite a less amount and few drops of Lavender Oil. Then pierce two Vitamin E capsules and add it too inside the mixture.
  •          Then slightly warm the concoction and voila it’s ready to be applied.
  •          You can keep it overnight or for a few hours and then wash it off like usual.

Until Next Time,
Take Care :) :)