Hey Guys!

Those of you, who read my blogs, are familiar about my visit to DLF Noida. I had so desperately longed to go to a FOREVER 21 store and this had been my first visit. Firstly, I’d like to share the anxiety that I had when I saw the store. Post entering I felt like a kid who sees various amazing things and fails to stop at one. That visit was consumed entirely in me looking at the collection, yet the only thing I managed to buy was this piece of junk jewelry. There were so many of them, and I wasn’t even sure of which one to buy. Too many options confuse my mind.  *LOL*

So here’s what I got:-

P.S. At WESTSIDE I saw a jewelry set which comprised of few midi rings, bracelet and flash tattoos at INR 599/-

Until Next Time,

Take Care :) :)