Hello Everyone!!

Currently I am working on one of my research based assignments and I’ve been given a go ahead sign from my mentor. Plus, I made one of my teacher read the post- “I Changed/Created My Destiny” and he quite liked it. If you wanna read the same, here’s the link-

Today I happen to encounter a guy who told me we were in same school. Ironically, he remembered my full name and I couldn’t recollect who he was. Awkwardly I had to say sorry as my memory betrayed me. It has so often happened with me that when I meet someone I can’t remember who that person is, only after several hours later does the realization hit my mind. Weird me!

Anyways, in this post I shall be reviewing the Loreal Paris Colour Protecting Shampoo. It claims to provide you with 30 wash colour protection. It helps in-
      1.)                        Making hair smooth and silky
      2.)                        Nourishes hair fibre
      3.)                        UV Filter protect hair colour

This shampoo is exclusively for colour treated hair. I’ve not really got my hair coloured but I have slight soft highlights which I did at home using bleach.  Yet I wanted to try out this shampoo because you should sometime alter you shampoo and facial cleanser once in a while. I’ve even tried the hair fall variant but couldn’t see much difference post usage. If you want me to review that too then comment down below.

This shampoo definitely has conditioning elements and it does make my hair soft. It lathers decently but beware not to use it in case you’ve oiled your hair because it is slightly mild for removing any oils. Its winters so I didn’t really feel my hair get oily within the same day but I highly doubt that I can use it for summers. If you have oily scalp then do not invest into this for the upcoming hot weather.

Overall, it is just an average drugstore shampoo so do not expect much from it. It retails at Rs 55 for 75 ml of the product.

P.S. Post trying this shampoo, I am gonna return back to my old trusted Ayurveda/homeopathic shampoos.

RATING- 3 out of 5.

And somebody gives me tips for sleeping early at night. It’s been Day-2 when I am wide awake late at night and next day I’d be sleeping in college chairs!  *LOL*

Until Next Time,
Take Care.