In the dark pits of uncertainty, I stand with trembling legs. Tired as I am, shaken has been my faith. I look out at the sky above which gives me the hope of reaching that sunlight which has the potential to penetrate my mortal self and dissolve away the demon inside me. I glance at my palms, bruised they are, weak from within. A faint whisper within me speaks that it is these hands only which are going to pave a way out for me in these bad times. Reassured is my half self, full of doubts the other side.

They say it is Him who rescues everyone at this cross-road, but shall I curb my efforts to increase my faith within Him? Or will He start his rescue mission by transporting His soul and invade the mortal I? The clear blue sky appears like a vast land which resembles the real homeland of my soul which isn’t bounded by any restriction, time, envy or all such demeaning things.

A strange chill passes within my body. It gives an immense passionate pain which fuels the ‘I’ within me. Moist my eyes, unstable my state of mind, yet those weak hands somehow manage to grip at those rough stones which were till then only an obstacle for me but now they have conspired together with the ‘He’ within me and perhaps changed their supporting party.

Was it simply my mind obtruding my vision of achieving the vastness? The panic that piled on and forged a mountain has now subsided like a wave, post high-tide. The unknown support has widened my horizon of looking at things. Sweat drenching my body, tear sliding unnoticed down my cheek and the panting breath as if speaking for itself that it is ready to face more hurdles. The azure sky which few hours earlier seemed unattainable, stares at me eagerly, in order to welcome the new me. I, hence, shed away the scared me which had merely worked as a fuel in strangling my dreams, desires and enlightenment.