Hello everyone,

Its 6 am. I am eating Puffcorn. Weird. And there’s one friend of mine who even certified that I am weird! But I was hungry since the night, even though I did have my dinner. Does this happen with you as well? Anyways, today I shall show you how I turned my Elle 18 nail paint into a soothing pastel shade.

Remember never to use those nail paints which take forever for drying because perhaps post mixing them one nail-paint’s slow drying tendency would ruin the better one as well. 

             (The picture has been clicked post the DIY)

Few months back I had bought Elle 18 nail polish in the shade 07 which is a light purple shade; although it looks nice on its own but I wanted to turn into a pastel shade. The white nail paint is from a local Indian brand- ‘Nail Juice’ shade 50. You can buy any white nail paint that you like. Elle 18’s white was slightly pearly in colour so I did not pick it up in this DIY.

What to do-
All you gotta do is pour out some amount of white nail paint into the nail paint that you intend to turn pastel in colour. Do not pour a lot of white in one go. Remember to pour white little, shake the nail paint and then add more if you want to. Once the nail paint has been mixed well, your pastel nail paint is ready!  *WINK*

Hope you liked this easy DIY post.  :)

Until Next Time, 
Take Care.