Hey everyone!!

How are you? Winter is certainly about to reach its end which obviously means that I need to alter my skin care routine because post winters, my skin gets moody. Sometimes it secretes a gallon of oil, while certain spots or areas remain dried. Recently I picked up this drugstore face wash, which strangely I never tried even though it’s been out in market for so long.

Clean & Clear is a trademark of Johnson’s & Johnson's company. The face wash comes in plastic flip-top bottle which is quite convenient to pack for travelling. The bottle is transparent and slightly tinted. One thing I look forward is for this product to get all used up because I wanna save its bottle and use it for other purposes.  *LOL*

The company claims that-
                  i)   This face wash keeps the skin oil free
                  ii)  Wont clog pores
                  iii) Prevents pimples

It comes at the price of Rs 99 for net content of 100 ml. The face wash is mild yet cleans out the skin very well. It doesn’t dry up the skin but in case you have dry skin then you might need to moisturize the skin post your facial wash. It does remove your everyday makeup, except for rigid waterproof ones. The fragrance is slightly citrusy.

One thing I am quite unsure of is does it really prevents pimples? We humans can definitely not predict future, so I really don’t know if it had prevented a pimple which would have invaded my life in the upcoming future.

RATING- 7 out of 10.

Comment down below your favorite face wash during days when you get attacked by pimples?

Until Next Time,
Take Care :)