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Lately I’ve seen people searching a lot about the brand “7 Heaven” and I received a lipstick from my sister from the same brand as well. This equates to me writing a review for you guys out there.

The shade number that I have is 16, sadly shades aren’t given creative names; for instance, Mysterious Mocha by Maybelline. The price of this lipstick would range from Rs 60 to Rs 150. You must be wondering why I’ve kept a price range for this lipstick. Well, I’ve received emails from certain readers that the lipstick by 7 Heaven that I got for a particular rate, they got them at an inflated rate. Reason being that this brand does not have a labeling that tells up of its MRP. This leads to sellers selling them at any rate they like. If you buys them from malls or online, you’ll get them at a hiked rate, while the same can be bought at dirt cheap rates from Sarojini Market or Lajpat Nagar (Delhi). 

Moving on, the packaging claims that this product is Vitamin E enriched. It comes for the net weight of 4 grams. Focusing onto the packaging, I would say that the packing is slightly flimsy but still quite appropriate for the price at which it is offered. The bullet is matte black with brand name mentioned. There is no ingredient list written, neither a price tag.

The colour on appearance is somewhat a neon pink shade which I dreaded to apply. I was quite repelled initially by the smell of the lipstick. The texture of this lipstick is slightly intense than a tinted lip balm (at one swipe) but if you layer it up, It gives out an everyday pink shade suitable for fair to medium skin tone. The lipstick is easy to apply but has slightly a crumbly texture, that too not at every application. It isn’t matte and is easy to remove. Staying power would be as long as you don’t eat anything or don’t swipe your hand over it. In all, it can work as an everyday lipstick, if you don’t mind re- applying. One thing that you can do to increase the staying power of any lipstick is to blot a very minute amount of Johnson’s Baby Powder directly onto the lips after applying the lipstick. 

If you wanna see review of another shade, then here’s the link-

RATING- 3 out of 5

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