India got its Independence in 1947; today we have entered the year 2016. Although we have successfully freed ourselves from the clutches of the colonizers, we are still greatly entrapped by the dominance of patriarchy. As much as we claim ourselves to be feministic, we cannot forego the blame in sustaining the same mindset within ourselves from which we’ve tried to run off. Patriarchy is like that wild plant whose stem, even if segregated from the original root, still manages to spread its stem out and forge a new plant.

There are so many people around us who are still tied to the roots of patriarchy which breeds in the marshy lands. Even though they might look usual in the crowd, but once you spend an hour at most with them, you’ll clearly sense the evil that lurks behind their innocent face. These species are dangerous than those of the earlier times, because they’ve learnt to manipulate others in order to hide their designs from those around them. Silently try to hear their arguments, you’ll be puzzled, abundance of contradictory statements and repetitive dialogues. They would engage their own selves into rampant parties, but would turn saints when the same is done by the other sex. In short, yes they are certainly hypocritical. They’ll move forward to the path of destruction, would snip off your wings from reaching your goals because they have no meaning in their eyes. They’ve mechanized 1001 way to get you married as it would pierce hard their pride if you would go further in terms of success from them.

Sometimes I think, perhaps it is either wrong for women to have dreams in a patriarchal society, or perhaps these are the initial hurdles for reaching the zenith. Whatever it is, you can never get over these or reach a solution until you raise your voice and stop thinking on the guidelines they have set for “us”. Sometimes, it is okay to be called as ‘cleaver’ and have your way, rather than be submissive and curse each day of your life. Cursing each moment when you were in dilemma to speak out, but stopped your voice thinking it isn’t enough for these bullies. Remember, one step taken also means one step less in the greater path of life.

-       Bhawna D.

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