Hey Guys!!

Winter is a harsh weather for our hair and skin. It is important to expend extra time in taking care of them in this season. This is why I thought of buying a hair spa kit. I have thin hair and anything too heavy makes them limp. Besides that, I try using less chemicals in order to save them from further degradation. 

I saw this kit on Nykaa and wasn’t aware that it is a sample size kit. It retails for Rs 150 and can serve you for two uses, until and unless you have quite a long hair. The kit comprises of-
           ·      A hair oil
           ·      2 sachets of shampoo
           ·      2 sachets of conditioning masque
           ·      Nourishing tonic

           ·      Leave-on serum

 Let my now share my experience with this hair spa.

My intention was not to use all the products on the same time as my hair isn’t frizzy and the volume of it is quite limp. Thus, I used hair oil, shampoo and conditioning masque; which itself made my hair look weighed down. 

 The instructions are clearly mentioned on the packaging/box. I used the hair oil which was easy to spread, had a nice fragrance and not too sticky. What made me completely disappointed was the shampoo. Obviously if you are gonna condition your hair, you won’t use extra mild shampoo along with it. The shampoo failed to clearly remove the oil and I had to use both the sachets as well. Besides that, I had to use another shampoo on top of it too. The conditioning masque worked pretty well and this is why I did not use leave- on serum and nourishing tonic after my hair got air dried.

If you are a person who really has dry and frizzy hair (not so thin as well), then you can definitely spend on this hair spa. But those of you, who have thin straight hair, clearly stay away from it! Although the product overall does a decent job, but I do not see it as one of those on which you would spend on regular basis. In short I wouldn’t think of buying it again.

RATING- 2.5 out of 5

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