Hello people!

How are you all? I don’t know why, but today I am quite excited to post this blog. Perhaps it’s because I am sort of done with all those seminars and research papers. Besides that, who isn’t excited during the Diwali break?
Usually, I write product reviews, but today I shall do things differently ;)

By the way, here's an extra treat; following is an image that i clicked while clicking pictures for this blog post. Hope you like it. :)

Fall is here and it’s definitely one of those times when you change from your summer routines and products and adapt as per the drying weather. Blabbering done; let’s get flowing into the routine!

After washing your face, you cannot forget onto the step of moisturization which is utterly essential in this season. For face moisturizer, I use Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel but on days where my face becomes flaky and extremely dried, I use Nivea Crème. Nivea Crème [M.R.P. - Rs 40] is quite oily, so those of you, who need light moisturization, can use Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel.

Next up, I use Nivea Fruity Lip Care [Rs 45] on my lips or any of the Maybelline Baby Lips. The one shown in image is Maybelline Electro Pop in ‘Oh so Pink’ [Rs 165].

After the skin is prepared, I then move onto the makeup. Usually I avoid foundations and BB creams because BB cream makes me look pale and dull and most of them make me look darker than my skin tone. Foundations make me look flawlessly vampire white, thus I retain my freckles and let everyone see them. On fancy days, I use Essence Stay All Day 16 Hour [Rs 499] foundation. Honestly, this is the only foundation which stands up-to my expectations and requirements. 

I cannot leave my house without a stroke of eyeliner. Kajal doesn’t really suit me, so I use eyeliner on daily basis. Recently, I’ve been using 7 Heaven’s Photogenic eyeliner [Rs 200]. I was about to write its review but the shiny labeling isn’t getting correctly captured in pictures; so I had to drop out that idea. Comment down below if you really want a blog review on it. When I’ve got extra time, I use Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner [Rs 499], but the problem is its brush. The brush needs to be washed off after 2-3 applications, which is why I don’t often use it.

I am not really a mascara person, so I completely avoid it. But the mascara which I like is Maybelline’s The Falsies [Rs 475]. I don’t really adore clumpy lashes so whichever mascara I use, I comb out my lashes immediately with an empties dried up mascara wand.

I don’t understand why, but these days I am always sleeping, be it my college classes or bus. My class mates think my parents make me work hard and devoid me of sleep. LOL

This is why I cannot do without applying a white eyeliner pencil into the inner corners of my eyes. This helps in making your eyes look wider and awake.

Last, yet the most favorite part in makeup for me are lipstick or tinted lip balms or colored lip glosses.   *HAPPY*

The one shown in image are- Maybelline Baby lips in Oh so Pink and Loreal Infalliable lip gloss in the shade Petal.

P.S. if you are wondering what lipstick is there in the picture, it’s not of any major brand, but something which I got from my local cosmetic store. ;)