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My Sister's Wedding on Sunday :) :)

Engage Woman Deo Spray in 'Abandon'

Hello people! This review is long due; I was suppose to upload it few days back but it kept getting lingered.

I don’t know why but it seems that my deo bottles are getting emptied quite soon. The one that I used before this one was Nike Women, and honestly, that had a faint fragrance, which is why it got over quite quickly. The current, Engage Women lasted longer than the previous one. 

Engage Women spray comes in a usual tin bottle packaging. The one that I bought is “Abandon”; the color of the packaging is light orange with detailing done in brown. It retails at Rs 180 for net content of 165 ml.

The company claims that the fragrance of this deodorant spray stays up-to 24 hours, which it certainly fulfills. 

The fragrance smells quite distinct. It is citrusy, yet not too overpowering; as well as sweet and fresh.
This deodorant contains alcohol, so don’t spray it directly on your skin, but rather on your clothes.

RATING- 4 out of 5

Happy Diwali to all :) :) <3

Everyday Fall Makeup Routine

Hello people!
How are you all? I don’t know why, but today I am quite excited to post this blog. Perhaps it’s because I am sort of done with all those seminars and research papers. Besides that, who isn’t excited during the Diwali break? Usually, I write product reviews, but today I shall do things differently ;)

By the way, here's an extra treat; following is an image that i clicked while clicking pictures for this blog post. Hope you like it. :)

Fall is here and it’s definitely one of those times when you change from your summer routines and products and adapt as per the drying weather. Blabbering done; let’s get flowing into the routine!

After washing your face, you cannot forget onto the step of moisturization which is utterly essential in this season. For face moisturizer, I use Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel but on days where my face becomes flaky and extremely dried, I use Nivea Crème. Nivea Crème [M.R.P. - Rs 40] is quite oily, so those of you, who need light moisturization, can use P…