It’s been a long week! I was quite low in terms of health and had internals in my college. How are you guys? Hope you are faring well.

Recently I’ve been shopping online from Amazon a lot. I purchased a Roxy Backpack which I had to return because of its thin material which can definitely not bear burden of books. Link of the product-

I even ended up ordering my post graduation books from there. 

Today I shall be reviewing Essence Stay All Day 16 Hour Long Lasting Make-up. No points for guessing where I purchased it from (Amazon). Let me first clarify that this blog is not sponsored by Amazon; and all purchases done were from my own money. This foundation is so raved about, besides it’s quite cheap in comparison to other brands such as ‘Revlon’ which is why I bought this. I am not a big fan of foundations and I don’t really use them on daily basis. In face I’ve always ended up wiping most of the product even if I have an important event to attend. I don’t know why but foundations make me look so flawlessly weird which doesn’t gulp well with me. 

I don’t exactly remember dates but I guess I received the product within 2-3 days (standard delivery). It came in a cardboard box which was quite big in comparison to the product’s size. It was kept in with artificial air bags so that the product does not break while it is being delivered. This foundation comes in plastic pump nozzle bottle which is skin colored and has detailing written in brown. The shade that I ordered is- 10 soft beige. It retails at Rs 499 for 30 ml of the product.


The foundation has moderate consistency, neither is it too runny, nor too thick. It spreads easily and gets absorb into the skin within no time. It gives somewhat semi matte finish.
This product claims -
    ·      16 hours staying capacity
    ·      Light weight formula
    ·      Provides flawless complexion

Until now, after several usages, I’ve noticed that it really does fulfill all its claims. I applied this foundation at 7 am and it stayed intact till 5 pm. After that I washed my face because I remove my makeup as soon as I enter my house. Staying power is definitely commendable of this foundation.

Fortunately, this foundation didn’t block my pores or broke me out. I was quite happy that this foundation didn’t make me feel as if I had makeup on, thanks to its light weight formula. This foundation is definitely worth investing on.

P.S. If you scrutinize your eyes then you might see that this foundation has very minute sparkles in it!!

Swatches :-

RATING: 5 out of 5.

Go grab it as soon as possible! ;-)