Hey guys! How are you all?
I am kind of okay. There’s not much happening in my life. Struggling to survive in new place but things remain the same wherever one goes.

Today I shall be reviewing ELLE 18 NAIL POPS. These come in variety of shades and dry quickly in comparison to other nail-paints in the same price range. For past few months, I wanted to buy plain white and clear transparent nail paint and I am not willing to shell out more than Rs 100 for nail paint. 

Elle 18 Nail Pops come in a round glass packaging which is definitely cute. The screw lid is black in color with their animated girl being printed. It comes at the rate of Rs 55 for net content of 5 ml. Earlier, the pricing was Rs 50, now they’ve hiked it to Rs 55 for apparently no reason. What annoys me the most is that it isn’t a round figure anymore (talking about price). Even those products which have prices such as Rs 99 or Rs 999, bug me a lot!

First of all, if you happen to go out so as to buy nail paints of this brand, then do check its brush applicator. I’ve bought their liquid eyeliner as well and the same problem persists in all the products. Some brushes are fine, while some seem to have been made in haste.

The color payoff of this product is nice and one coat itself is also enough; unless you wanna be extra sure that your nail paint doesn’t chip quickly. This nail polish can survive maximum three days of wear and after that its starts to chip from the edges.

Honestly, I am not very good at painting my nails. I even encountered a day when I was taunted by a guy for being messy with my nail paint! I applied three coats of this nail paint and I felt deceived. After drying of second coat, I saw small bubbles being formed. To counter the same, I applied another coat and it got worse. So my desire to paint my nails white went in vain and I had to remove it.

The two shades that I bought are-

27- Transparent/ colorless (Pictures of which has been shown earlier in this post)

39- Pearly silvery white, not matte white.

RATING- 3 out of 5

RECOMMENDATION- I am not a big fan of these and I may or may not buy them again! They work just fine.
Average product.

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