When I started my college again, I realized the need for a deodorant, especially for summers. I planned to buy one by “ARCHIES” but ended up getting this one. What happened was that when I sniffed “SHE” deodorant by “ARCHIES”, I felt it to be suffocatingly fruity for my preference. Next to it was “NIKE” deodorant. It was sealed so I couldn’t smell it before buying. This purchase was somewhat like a gamble (LOL). 

NIKE Woman Deodorant retails at Rs 220 for net content of 200 ml. I have no clue if this one has other variants or not. Anyways, it comes in a bright pink tin can which is quite appealing in terms of packaging. The detailing over the can mentions it to be of 96% volume. Here’s a good news for all you animal lovers out there, this deodorant is not tested on animals. This deodorant claims to ‘protect the ozone layer’. 

P.S. Nike is certainly an environmental friendly brand.

If you ask me what it smells like, I can’t describe it. It’s fruity, yet not BANG into your face.


HAPPY RAKSHA- BANDHAN to you all! :-* :-*