Are you wondering where have I been all these days? Well, I was busy in getting used to my new college’s atmosphere. I was feeling so guilty for not being able to write a blog. But now, I couldn’t control my urge to write once again for you guys.

Today I shall be reviewing one of the miraculous products that I encountered when I was suffering from severe acne. I tried and tested every method possible for evading acne and their scars, but nothing seemed to work for me. Once I saw this box in a small auto cum shop typo “Khadi” counter and I bought it up. By now I have consumed as much as 12 boxes approximately. I once mentioned about this product in my earlier blogs, but this isn’t just worth a pass by comment. So here I am with a review of this Neem face pack which I have used religiously since I first laid my hands onto it.

“Khadi Neem Face Pack” comes in a light green cardboard packing which is decent in terms of the amount you pay for it. There isn’t any fancy packing or labeling done onto it. Inside you’ll find a transparent plastic which contains the face pack. This face pack comes in a dried up powdery form. One plus point of this product is that it is made up of all ayurvedic and natural products, so no chemicals incorporated. It comes at the price of Rs 50 (earlier it was for Rs 40, yet it is completely worth the hike) for net weight of 100 grams.

This product goes a long way because little is required and you add multiple other things into it to enrich its nutrients value. This face pack would suit all skin types. In fact it is easy to mold as per your requirements and face compatibility. Suppose you have oily acne prone skin, then you can add in lemon juice drops and rose water. If you have dry skin then you can add in milk or honey. It is amazing how one product can be reshaped as per everyone’s needs.

If you are curious to know about its results, so let me quench up your curiosity and disclose that it works amazingly well in initial trial itself. From first usage, you would be able to see that your pimples have started to subdue. There are no hard and fast rules on how to use it. Since it is all natural, you can apply it for more than 20 minutes or more than twice a week as well. There have been days when I applied it almost every day of the week.

The next thing which will be haunting your mind is how to create this powdered mixture into liquid consistency. Here’s how I create my face pack for application-

Taking roughly about 1 to 2 tablespoon of the “Khadi Neem Face pack” in a bowl, then add juice of a half lemon. In case your mixture still isn’t completely moist, then add less than ¼ of a tablespoon of honey or few drops of rose water. Mix all the contents and make it liquidy and clump-free. The consistency of this shouldn’t be too runny or else it will drip away everywhere you’ll go.

RATING- 5 out of 5