Earlier, eyebrows were always neglected as something of such a small stature so as to attain our attention. Today, makeup experts all over the world have realized that it actually matters a lot because eyebrows tend to frame our eyes. You can easily understand what I mean if you’ve not plucked/ threaded your eyebrows for more than a month and next when you get them done, it actually makes your face appear a lot represent-able. I am usually one of those who try to stay away from getting my eyebrows done because I detest those threading session pains. But I’ve noticed that when I don’t get my eyebrows done for more than a month, my face looks dull and sometimes a little broad too. 

Sorry for a little deviation to my experiences, this post shall not focus on threading/ plucking techniques of eyebrows, but on everyday eyebrow routine. It would definitely help beginners who want to learn the art of doing their eyebrows and getting them on fleek. I would share with you how I do my eyebrows on daily basis. Follow these steps mentioned below to attain beautiful eyebrows using simple tools and products.


·      Next use any eyebrow pencil which you are easily able to find. If you have black eyebrows, try to get a dark brown colored eyebrow pencil. Your eyebrow pencil should ideally be little lighter than your original eyebrow color. If you are unable to find an eyebrows pencil, then use eye-shadow instead. Using a pencil is safer because it won’t smudge or fade easily. But powder eye-shadow doesn’t make your eyebrows look made up and it perfectly blends in with your eyebrow strands. So use whatever is available. Using any of the alternatives, fill in sparse spots in your eyebrows. Remember to fill in your brows using a light hand. Start with small quantity and then head for more product if required. Don’t overdo in filling them. Your eyebrows need to be little lighter from where they start because hair growth over that place is usually less. As you reach to the tail of your eyebrows, i.e. descending down from your eyebrow arch, eyebrows may get darker.

·      After you’ve filled in your eyebrows, take some concealer and dab it on your eyebrow bones or just below your eyebrows. Using a concealer helps them in looking neat and highlighted. If you don’t have a concealer, then use a white eye-shadow or a white colored eyeliner pencil. Use your fingers or brush to soften the product used.

·      Lastly, again use your mascara wand to set all your eyebrow hair in place. If you don’t want them to budge away, then here’s a little tip. Use a tiny dollop of Aloe-Vera gel in your palms, dip in your mascara wand in it and roll it around so as to coat it with the gel. You can also use your brother’s or boyfriend's hair gel (wink). Remember not to use too much of the gel because then it would create a mess. Voila, you have your own transparent mascara. Now use it to comb your eyebrows and you are good to go.

   P.S. The purpose of an eyebrow routine is not to obtain eyebrows like that of any other person. It is just for the sake of enhancing your original eyebrows.

If you happen to try any of these tricks, then share with me your experience by commenting down below.