Hello all,

Since “Back to School/College” season is here, today I shall be reviewing one of the cheapest liquid liners available in Indian markets.
Elle 18 is a domestic brand which finds its audience among teenagers and budget friendly people. They have launched variety of products which are available approximately around 100 bucks! Recently, they’ve made Anushka Sharma as their brand endorser. This liner is not my first purchase from this brand. I have tried multiple shades of their Elle 18 Color Pop nail paints as well. If you want a separate review on that, then comment down below. 

During school days I had been a kajal user. P.S. Indian schools permit no makeup; merely a kajal is what you can opt for. When I entered college, I got fascinated in trying out various eyeliners. So then I realized that kajal squints up my eyes, whereas eyeliner suits me well. From then on, eyeliner took over kajal in my everyday makeup routine. I have tried other liquid liners from other brands as well, and the one which had the thinnest brush was Elle 18 liner (in the range of Rs 50 to Rs 150). Earlier I had used “Blue Heaven” eyeliner, it works well, but its brush is thicker in comparison to this one.

This liner is great for those of you who have just landed in the world of makeup. The Shade I have with me is- “BLACK”. This is also available in various other colors but I haven’t tried them out as of now. It comes in a small glass bottle which resembles its “Nail Poops” packaging. The cap is bright pink on which an animated beautiful girl is posing with her eyes all thickly lined up with eyeliner. There are no details mentioned on the packaging related to ingredients list or price.  It retails at Rs 85 for net content of 5 ml. Because the packaging is compact, you can travel with it; it does not leak. I am not sure if this glass is breakable or not. I haven’t dropped it until now and do not think of throwing it on the floor to see if its break proof.  ( :D )

The color of this liner is intense black. You can get thinnest line possible with this liner because of its sleek brush. One thing that I disliked about this liner is its texture. The texture isn’t smooth. When you dip the brush inside the liner bottle, then you can see small clumps on the brush. To get rid of these, I have to remove excess liner on the bottle’s top. By now a lot of dried up liner has stuck up on the neck of the bottle. Only when you remove the excess product from brush, then you can obtain thinnest liner possible.

The packaging mentions that this product is water resistant. If you want a water-proof eyeliner, then ditch your plans on buying this one. This liner is to an extent water resistant. If you spray water on your eyes, the liner would not budge, but if you rub it after it gets wet, then voila, it vanishes away without any trail behind. On the basis of its price, it works well. It stays on your eyelids (if you don’t rub them) for approximately 3 hours, after which it starts to fade.

RATING- 3.5 out of 5