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Nike Woman Deodorant (Pink)

When I started my college again, I realized the need for a deodorant, especially for summers. I planned to buy one by “ARCHIES” but ended up getting this one. What happened was that when I sniffed “SHE” deodorant by “ARCHIES”, I felt it to be suffocatingly fruity for my preference. Next to it was “NIKE” deodorant. It was sealed so I couldn’t smell it before buying. This purchase was somewhat like a gamble (LOL). 

NIKE Woman Deodorant retails at Rs 220 for net content of 200 ml. I have no clue if this one has other variants or not. Anyways, it comes in a bright pink tin can which is quite appealing in terms of packaging. The detailing over the can mentions it to be of 96% volume. Here’s a good news for all you animal lovers out there, this deodorant is not tested on animals. This deodorant claims to ‘protect the ozone layer’. 

P.S. Nike is certainly an environmental friendly brand.

If you ask me what it smells like, I can’t describe it. It’s fruity, yet not BANG into your face.

RATING- 4.8…

Khadi Neem Face Pack (Ayurvedic Ubtan)

Are you wondering where have I been all these days? Well, I was busy in getting used to my new college’s atmosphere. I was feeling so guilty for not being able to write a blog. But now, I couldn’t control my urge to write once again for you guys.

Today I shall be reviewing one of the miraculous products that I encountered when I was suffering from severe acne. I tried and tested every method possible for evading acne and their scars, but nothing seemed to work for me. Once I saw this box in a small auto cum shop typo “Khadi” counter and I bought it up. By now I have consumed as much as 12 boxes approximately. I once mentioned about this product in my earlier blogs, but this isn’t just worth a pass by comment. So here I am with a review of this Neem face pack which I have used religiously since I first laid my hands onto it.

“Khadi Neem Face Pack” comes in a light green cardboard packing which is decent in terms of the amount you pay for it. There isn’t any fancy packing or labeling done…

How To Get Your Eyebrows On Fleek!! ;)

Earlier, eyebrows were always neglected as something of such a small stature so as to attain our attention. Today, makeup experts all over the world have realized that it actually matters a lot because eyebrows tend to frame our eyes. You can easily understand what I mean if you’ve not plucked/ threaded your eyebrows for more than a month and next when you get them done, it actually makes your face appear a lot represent-able. I am usually one of those who try to stay away from getting my eyebrows done because I detest those threading session pains. But I’ve noticed that when I don’t get my eyebrows done for more than a month, my face looks dull and sometimes a little broad too. 

Sorry for a little deviation to my experiences, this post shall not focus on threading/ plucking techniques of eyebrows, but on everyday eyebrow routine. It would definitely help beginners who want to learn the art of doing their eyebrows and getting them on fleek. I would share with you how I do my eyebrows o…

Nivea Whitening 48 Hours Deodorant Roll On

There are varieties of myths which are bombarded on you, if you happen to use razors for hair removal purposes. One, topping the list would be ‘dark underarms’. I don’t really have that issue but I thought why not take measures in case they turn out to be true. This was the reason why I ended up picking a “whitening” product. Otherwise, I stay clear away from such things.

Today I shall be reviewing “Nivea Whitening Deodorant” roll on. This product comes in a cute, compact and sturdy packaging. It has a strong glass bottle which doesn’t break if it suffers a short height fall. It is travel friendly but there is one minor problem, i.e. it is a little heavy as per its size. The bottle is transparent, so you can easily view how much content is still left. It has a non-glossy plastic cap. Since the product is meant for whitening, its entire bottle is white, except the graphic logo and other details. It retails at Rs 175 for net content of 50 ml. 

The packaging claims that it has a staying po…

Elle 18 Liquid Liner

Hello all,
Since “Back to School/College” season is here, today I shall be reviewing one of the cheapest liquid liners available in Indian markets. Elle 18 is a domestic brand which finds its audience among teenagers and budget friendly people. They have launched variety of products which are available approximately around 100 bucks! Recently, they’ve made Anushka Sharma as their brand endorser. This liner is not my first purchase from this brand. I have tried multiple shades of their Elle 18 Color Pop nail paints as well. If you want a separate review on that, then comment down below. 
During school days I had been a kajal user. P.S. Indian schools permit no makeup; merely a kajal is what you can opt for. When I entered college, I got fascinated in trying out various eyeliners. So then I realized that kajal squints up my eyes, whereas eyeliner suits me well. From then on, eyeliner took over kajal in my everyday makeup routine. I have tried other liquid liners from other brands as well, …

Pears Soft & Fresh Soap

Hello lovely ladies,
Have you ever made a purchase exclusively for its freebie gift? This purchase of mine was surely one of those kinds. After all, who doesn’t love free gifts?

When “PEARS” launched an offer to give out “Disney” inspired neck-pieces along with their “Soft and Fresh Soap”; I firmly decided to get it, just for the sake of this freebie! The name “DISNEY” itself was enough to tempt me (animation fan anyone?) The neck-piece that was displayed in the advertisement looked beautiful. So when I visited my local market, I inquired about this soap with limited offer. I asked only on one counter and they had stacks of these soaps lying around. The shopkeeper asked me- “Madam is it (freebie) for some child in your house, because these are high in demand by toddlers these days”. He was unable to see the child in me ( :-/ ). Call it being extra dramatic! :p

When I saw this neck-piece, I felt deceived. The one shown in advertisement looks high grade, especially its chain. Anyways, when…