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Fab Bag January 2019 - The Big Steal Edition | 10% off Coupon Code | Unboxing & Review

fab bag january 2019
Hello everyone,
A hearty welcome to the Glistening Lane.
Whether you are a long-term reader here or a newbie, I am genuinely grateful for your precious time 🤗

It’s that time of the year when we are open to new perspectives, new beginnings and new resolutions. While ticking of the clock at each second reminds me of the bygone year, it also makes me anxious about new cards which my destiny will unravel in the upcoming months.

Good or bad - is mere a vision towards life.
It completely depends upon you as to how you wanna tackle the situation at hand. In 2018, I came to the realization that negativity is not only acquired from external sources but it can also be self-generated. And the best manner of handling tough situations is not by indulging in trivial arguments but trying to maintain your composure as well as sustaining the inner peace. Of course, it does not mean you don’t speak up but grab the opportunity of speaking only at places where the third party is willing to be a listener.

Anyways, in today’s blog post we shall be reviewing the first Fab Bag of the year 2019. So, grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee and let’s proceed with the unboxing. 😍

the big steal fab bag review
Makeup Selection Process:
👉In the month of January, subscribers will receive a combination of 1 Makeup and 5 Beauty Essentials. The main makeup choice is available only for 3, 6 and 12 month's subscription plans on first-come, first served basis. For 1 month subscribers, the makeup product will be customized by the Fab Bag Crew.

👉For long-term subscribers, there is a vast choice among products like SUGAR Nothing Else Matter Longwear Lipstick, SUGAR Stroke Of Genius Heavy-Duty Kohl, SUGAR Eye Told You So! Smudgeproof Eyeliner, SUGAR Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick, SUGAR Lash Mob Limitless Mascara, SUGAR Never Say Dry Crème Lipstick and SUGAR Dream Cover SPF15 Mattifying Compact.

👉Amongst all of these makeup items, I finally curtailed my anxiousness and settled for the Sugar’s Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick in the shade ‘Poison Ivy’. Initially, I was eyeing out a lot of things but since I tried the sample of the crayon earlier, I settled for the crayon which I knew comes along with its sharpener. 

The Fab Bag Pouch:
Following the festive trend, this month’s Fab Bag pouch comes with a lot of shine and a twist of quilt texture at the bottom. As usual, there’s a zip closure which makes it easier for you to store things inside and travel along with it. For me personally, I love the pouch, its color as well its compact size.

Products in January 2019 Fab Bag:

sugar matte as hell crayon poison ivy
Sugar Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick - 03 Poison Ivy (Full Size: INR 799)
After twenty-four years into life which includes a couple of years into makeup, there still exist only a few makeup brands which I personally prefer and promote on my blog. Until a lot of years, I was clearly dependent on one single International brand, namely Maybelline. Majority of the makeup products in my makeup vanity belong from this brand because a lot of the Indian brands were not really compatible with my sensitive and acne prone skin (Please note that I am in no manner favoring International brands while demeaning Indian brands; stick for a while to view the complete picture I’m trying to draw). It was only recently that I finally discovered some amazing makeup brands in India and one of those brands is Sugar. I have had a couple of their lipsticks, and I love their color range, formulation, texture, packaging and longevity. This was one of the reasons why I was pretty happy seeing numerous Sugar products in the makeup selection email. After narrowing down my selection, I managed to select their Matte As Hell Crayon in the Poison Ivy shade. To be honest, this is one of those perfect matte lipsticks that glide softly onto your lips without tugging them; even the longevity is superb! I am really happy to include this into my possession and look forward to creating different makeup shades using these. 

w2 ivory peach moisturizer
W2 Ivory Peach Moisturizer (Full Size: INR 220)
Out of excitement, I was watching Fab Bag unboxing of some of the YouTubers and a lot of them were quoted saying that they haven’t heard of the brand - W2. I’ve never really worked with this brand, neither am I following them on any of their social media but somehow, I have had heard of this brand and I’m glad to try out a new product from them. Personally, I really like the packaging, especially because of the fact that the bottle is completely black in color and there’s a pump dispenser attached to it. When it comes to the packaging of female skincare products, brands tend to play safe with colors like white, green, orange and pink; however, it’s the first time I saw someone selling their products in simple black packaging. Coming to the content inside, I absolutely love the fragrance of the W2 Ivory Peach moisturizer! Its sweet for sure, I’m not sure if it resembles peaches or not but it’s quite amazing and the fragrance lingers on for a while. Thankfully, the fragrance is not too overpowering so a lot of the people can feel free about using it. I tried it a couple of times on my dry hands and it worked well but I haven’t tried it enough on my facial skin to comment if it passed with flying colors or broke my skin out.

biobloom mint lip balm
Biobloom Lip Balm - Mint (Full Size: INR 140)
Before I sat down to scribble this post, I swirled my finger inside the Biobloom lip balm tub and applied some of it on my chapped lips. As far as I can remember, a few months ago Fab Bag also sent us Biobloom’s lip scrub in pineapple variant. Till date, I’ve been using as well as loving the results of it onto my lips. Now, we have their lip balm which comes in an identical small tub like packaging. The mint variant gives you that cooling sensation post application and it genuinely feels hydrating on the lips. So, if you have been hunting for a good lip balm, then this product will definitely entice you in ordering the January Fab Bag!

The Nature’s Co. Kelp Aquaspark Sea Bath Salt
The Nature’s Co. Kelp Aquaspark Sea Bath Salt (INR 400 for 100 grams)
Coming to the next product, we have in our hand the Kelp Aquaspark Sea Bath Salt from The Nature’s Co. I have tried only one or two of their products in past and my expectations never went downhill. Today, I added some of this salt in my bathing bucket and it catered such an amazing fragrance in the bathroom. Besides that, it did help me in calming down sore muscles around ankle region albeit I wasn’t really soaking my feet into it. Therefore, I kinda have a lot of expectations from this one and I’m willing to try this out for pampering myself after a hectic day at work.

Palmolive Skin Therapy Soap Bar
Palmolive Skin Therapy Soap Bar (Full Size: INR 55)
I have seen several body washes from this brand but I don’t think I got the chance of trying them out. Upon reading the packaging, I came to know of the fact that this is actually a facial bar which contains vitamin C and vitamin E. As per the ingredient list, it contains glycerin which will assist in minimizing dryness on the facial skin during winters. It’s been ages since I’ve used a soap for my face but let’s see how this one fares. 

 Hip Hop Skincare Instant Nail Polish Remover Wipes
Hip Hop Skincare Instant Nail Polish Remover Wipes (INR 10 for a pack of 2 Wipes)
This one I feel is a onetime use packaging because I generally use two nail polish wipes. I haven’t really tried this one because: a) firstly it’s a sample and b) I was saving them until I take pictures for this blog post. But now that I’m done with the images, I thinking about saving these for days when I’m encountering a third world crisis!

Total Worth of the Products: INR 1,624
Total Savings: Approximately INR 1,025!!

Personally, I had an amazing experience with Fab Bag this month and the star product made me feel ecstatic because who says no to makeup? (Not me, for sure! 😂😂)

Comment down below which one was your favourite item from this month’s curation.

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Much Love ❤


  1. The makeup product this month is good. But the skincare I felt were disappointing. Palmolive soaps we can easily find in supermarkets and they are super affordable...

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