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5 Ways To Rekindle The Fire Of Your Creativity? Inspirational Series #1

“Creativity Takes Courage”
-         Henri Matisse

Before starting off with today's post, please take note that every time the term - painter, musician, writer and poet is used, it is directed towards artists in general 😊 Any field which requires creativity is significantly dependent on how an artist motivates herself/ himself for creating what she/he is best at! In short, self-motivation and being surrounded with inspirational sources is a must for us. The least we'd want is a monotonous routine with a monotonous sort of work which creates cobwebs around our creativity or encapsulate us in a rigid pattern that cannot be altered with time. 

When I was pursuing my graduation, I had a clear vision about what I wanna be once I am done with my education. A student of literature, I was highly fascinated with texts that dealt with the theme of metaphysical. "Meta" means beyond and of-course "physical" denotes for things which we can see or feel through our sensory organs. I have always dreamt of being a writer and that inclination towards ‘metaphysical’ helped me in letting go of my own personality when I am imagining a fictional character. I remember how I was standing outside my office one day, imagining myself to be a man who is looking out at the world with a detached perspective because he has undergone several hardships in late 30s of his life. Later, when I told about that fictional character to my friend, she was like - "what's messed up in your mind?"

I agree to the fact that sometimes my creativity doesn’t necessarily paint a sweet wonderland, however being an artist, I cannot let go of imagination. I have seen around me a lot of imaginative beings who have ample talent within them but something or the other becomes an obstacle in putting their creativity to use. Sometimes, its lack of motivation while at others times, the world around us becomes too demanding in terms of worldly obligations that it drains us out completely. This is one of the reasons why I’ve given up on behaving like a courteous social being who will go say hello to people around. I know, it appears rude to a lot of the people but I am setting priorities for my own self.

I guess I've digressed a lot in the intro itself. It's time now that we begin with the post. So let's begin, shall we? 😊

Reach out for your old masterpieces
We’ve heard this enough that charity begins at home. Similarly, why not gain inspiration from your own selves or your old masterpieces? Sometimes, your old piece of work will startle you at your own creativity, rekindling the fire within you. Do you remember the quote from my last blog post – “Why Look Outside the Window for Inspiration When a Vast World Lies Within You”? (edit - unfortunately, that post has not went LIVE yet but it will go on-air after a couple of weeks) If you can rely on your own self for inspiration then that’s the best thing you can do in the longer run.

If not every day, take out the time to vent out your creative energy during the weekend
If you are doing a regular 9 to 5 job wherein there’s no scope of creativity then use weekends to do what you love the most! For instance, I reserve my blog work for weekends because on weekdays my mind gets exhausted with office work and I don’t wanna write things just for the sake of increasing the number of posts which go live on my blog. It’s not easy to handle both the things but in case I don’t balance it out with creative content and flatlay photography then I literally can’t survive.

Plan your weekends in advance and if you need to say NO to other social obligations then don’t hesitate in doing so
When I was in post graduation, there were times when my friends would make plans after classes while I had blogging deadlines. Not everyone will be willing to understand your obligations but that’s also one of the ways to understand who your genuine friend is. Today, I see so many people around me who ask me well in advance about my plans because they see the kind of effort I put each weekend. In the end, its all about setting priorities. 

Surround yourself with positivity
It’s an easy way out to gel with others over negative criticism. However easier it may seem at the moment but in the longer run, especially for an artist, it’s a road towards self-destruction. Therefore, surround yourself with positivity and be with people that are positive towards life. Otherwise, there’s a wide world of darkness out there which may engulf your creativity in no time. And it’s not a nice place to be in, trust me on this!

Don’t be afraid of being alone
An artist is an unconventional being who keeps questioning the existing mechanism of an institution. Thus, a third-person perspective may leave us alone in the crowd but employ this isolation in the best possible manner. There’s nothing to fret if you prefer your own company in comparison with that of the others.  

Lastly, don’t be afraid to create!

I hope this post was helpful for you. In case you know of someone who will benefit from reading this post, then make sure to share it with them. Also, feel free to drop your views about it in the comments section provided below πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

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Much Love ❤


  1. Amazing post. While many of my friends are taking up a full time job here I am a sahm mom plus blogger πŸ˜‰πŸ˜


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