Unboxing Cute Box April 2018 Subscription Box - ‘City Stylers’ Edition!


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Every time a subscription box reaches my door, my happiness goes to a completely new horizon! Apart from makeup, another obsession of mine includes hoarding jewellery items, particularly some dangling earrings and statement neckpieces. Thanks to Cutebox, my everyday jewellery concern gets pretty much sorted. If you are a student, hunting for affordable jewellery subscription box, then make sure to lay your hands on one of these! To know how you can place your orders, stay tuned till the very end.

So without further adieu, let's begin with the unboxing


Theme of the Month:
The theme for the month of April is City Stylers. When it comes to jewellery often seen in urban sphere, delicate pieces and bohemian jewellery is what comes to my mind. On an everyday basis, I prefer minimalist jewellery instead of a glitzy shiny item. But when it comes to special occasion, I don’t mind some quirky or bohemian statement earrings or neckpiece. When I saw the theme for the month, I was pretty excited that there’s going to be an abundance of jewellery which I can flaunt without second thoughts!

Inside the Box:
❤Earrings No. 1
❤Earrings No. 2
❤Earrings No. 3
❤Surprise Gift

All the cutebox jewellery came inside a cardboard box with their logo stuck on the top of the box. To protect jewellery items from breaking in transit, each of the pieces were individually bubble wrapped, kept inside an ethnic mesh bag and then again covered in a thick sheet of plastic. Thankfully, no jewellery got distorted and I’m glad they pay so much heed to the packaging. 


👉Neckpiece – Golden Sleek Choker : 


This is the first piece of jewellery which made my heart skip a beat! It’s immensely pretty, very delicate and look so good with western as well as ethnic outfits. Behind the choker, there’s a closure given which it quite hassle free and you won’t need any third hand while wearing it. Though this choker is golden in colour, thankfully it isn’t the typical yellowish-golden. It’s very subtle and wouldn’t make the person standing opposite to you, go blind by glitz. I paired it up on a red loose tee shirt which had delicate flower embroidery over it and some black jeggings. The only disappointment that I incurred was the fact that this choker sort of turned very faint black in colour owing to my sweating. I hope I can flaunt it a couple of more times before it gives in to complete oxidization. 


👉Moon Beaded Bracelet:
The moon beaded bracelet looks remarkable as well! It has a golden base, again very subtle, and the beads legit resemble a moon. This can be worn on an everyday basis be it for your college or office wear. The bracelet has elastic so wearing it is a cakewalk. I noticed that the finishing of the bracelet has not been paid due heed. Excess elastic has not been chopped of and it’s visible to the eyes. Another thing being, the bracelet fits me in a little too suffocating manner. I know that my wrists are quite thin and if its tight to me, then definitely it’s not going to fit a lot of the people. I would probably gift it to one of my younger cousins. 


👉Earrings – Golden Hoops:
You can never get enough of hoops! Hoops can be seen in different sizes but each one of them with their different circumference can carve their necessity in your life. Small hoops would look completely different than big hoops. And I have several of them but I’m glad to have more. These golden hoops can be paired with any of your outfits and whatever face-cut you have; they would still compliment your outfit!


👉Earrings – Silver Ethnic:


Till now, almost all the jewellery was meant to be paired with western wear. These earrings are exclusively dedicated for days when you want to experiment with indo-fusion or go completely classic with kurti and ankle length jeans or leggings. Also, probably a stud bindi would go quite well with these earrings. I saw some of the bloggers got a different pair of earrings and I was crushing on theirs. If you happen to be lucky, you’d get those in yours. For me personally, they are just okay.


👉Earrings – Pom Pom Danglers:
I’m not really into pom-pom earrings, for that matter jewellery or shoes or bag either! But when I saw these, I really liked how they have compiled a stud, a pearl and the pom-pom of course. They give really quirky vibes and I’m yet to wear these so can’t really comment as to what will go well with these. All in all, they give an amazing pop of colour to the monotonous outfit.


👉Earrings – Moon Beaded Droplets:
These moon-beaded earrings seem as if they are complimentary sent along with the bracelet. Although, that’s not how it is meant to be. These are not really the simple stud kind of earrings but meant to fall below the earlobes. The great thing is, you can freely pair it up with anything and probably a low bun hairstyle would really compliment these sorts of earrings. They have a golden rim and there’s nothing which disappoints me about these.


👉Special Gift – Butterfly Ring:
I love gifts and the team of Cute Box sent over an additional piece of jewellery which was gift wrapped very nicely. Inside I noticed a very beautiful butterfly designed ring which can be adjusted as per the size of the finger. It has quite a unique design and I’m glad I got this!


Cutebox Subscription Packages:
⏩1 Month - Rs. 399 + Rs. 50 (shipping) = Rs. 449
⏩3 Months - Rs. 1290 (instead of Rs. 1350)
⏩6 Months - Rs. 2520 (instead of Rs. 2700)

PLEASE NOTE: New Tri-Monthly subscribers will receive 1 bonus gift; either jewellery or an accessory within their first month of Cutebox subscription. Whereas the half-yearly subscribers will get 2 surprise gifts in their first month of subscription.

Avail a Discount Using Coupon Code: GLISTENING MATES

How to Place Your Orders?
⏩WhatsApp Text: 9330075500
⏩Instagram DM: cutebox_jewelry
⏩Facebook: cutebox.jewelry
⏩Mode of Payment: Bank Transfer/ PayTM (9330075500)

Let’s Socialize: YouTube | Instagram | Facebook Google+ 

Much Love ❤


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