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Unboxing & First Impressions with From Paris Box | New Subscription Box | Beaches of Bali

Hi Guys,
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You guys know how I love to hunt for new subscription boxes which cater quality at amazing price point. This is how, while hovering over Instagram, I came across a brand of subscription boxes by the name From Paris Box. Just like you, I was curious as to why they’ve named it on Paris because the theme for the month of October and November had nothing to do with it. That’s when I discovered that their first subscription box had products which would make you feel as if they’ve been sent directly from Paris by an acquaintance. Now, From Paris Box is comparatively a new brand and it’s their third month since they’ve launched.

If you are wondering what’s new with this particular subscription box, then I got to tell you that they have this amazing concept that each month they’d ship to you products from a particular travel destination. The September Edition was inspired by Paris while the October Box revolved around the city of Jodhpur. For the month of November, the selected destination is Bali which is regarded as the land of beaches. Bali is known for its traditions, massage, art and of course the much hyped beaches. The idea of this month is to capture the essence of Bali through this box.

Subscription Plans:
▶1 Month – Rs. 699
▶3 Month – Rs 1,999
▶6 Months – Rs. 3,799
What to Expect in November Month’s Edition:
Within the From Paris Box you shall receive 4-5 coveted fashion and lifestyle picks at your doorstep. Each box contains items chosen by our experienced stylists keeping in mind your style statement and the theme of the month. You can expect items such as fashion accessories, bath and body essentials, beauty and lifestyle products. 

Buy Online: To book yours, click hereThey are currently running a special promotion on their 3 month subscription. You can use Coupon Code TRIPLET to get Rs. 200 discount on the 3 month subscription. Without the code you’d get it at INR 1,999 but with the discount you can grab it at INR 1,799.

What All I Received:

⏩Organic Mill Peppermint Foot Detox – The website clearly showed this product and I’ve heard about this brand some time back when they had some offer going on for their samples on Amazon. Now, I recently got fascinated to Feet Care while I was writing for Satthwa’s Lemongrass Essential Oil. Therein I had recreated some pictures of me soaking my feet amidst bathing salt and rose petals. This one from Organic Mill has peppermint and I’m keen to try this out. Who doesn’t love some pampering after a tiring day, especially in heels? I’d probably be saving it for days when I have to reach home after a Bloggers Event. Even though they are fun, a lot of the time, you end up standing and the fun gets over as soon as you enter the house door and throw away your complicated footwear! That’s why I always head over to the event venue in slippers and change them just outside the location but of course it’s kind of a hassle. Excuse me for TMI.. πŸ˜…

⏩SeaSoul Body Massage Candle – I’ve heard of such a concept wherein you gotta light the candle and use the melted wax as a body moisturizer/oil. But these weren’t easily available in India and even though they sound super fancy, it comes with a bloated price tag. The SeaSoul Body Massage Candle is quite an innovative product which the team of From Paris Box introduced to us. It comes in a plastic container which looks like a glass but I tried to bang it a little onto my working table and it isn’t glass for sure! Stupid tests, huh! πŸ˜ƒ The candle’s wax feels more like solidified Indian Ghee which freezes in winters and you use it via warming it between your fingers. I’m yet to try it. And again something to pamper your weekends! 

⏩A Wooden Comb – We all are moving ahead to the winters and frizziness is almost a daily thing which ruins our good hair day. The wooden comb is probably regarded as one of the traditions from Bali but it is also useful in circulation of blood onto the scalp. Wooden comb helps tame your frizz and I did use it once and there’s definitely no doubt that a single swipe through hair strands did its magic on me. I have short hair and I’m not really a comb person but thankfully such fancy combs would get me tempted to comb my hair! πŸ˜‚ By the way the quality of this one is really good; you’d probably see it frequently in my product photography as well. 

⏩Floral Wired Headband – Probably floral herein is associated with beaches but I did not much like this pick. I don’t think I’d wanna be seen wearing this in real life. I’ve legally crossed my teenage days and I don’t know what it’s doing sitting in my subscription box like fat potato which wants to dominate the basket wherein it’s sitting. Weird analogy, yes please! πŸ˜‚ The cloth doesn’t seem of good quality and the print is not even beautifully carved. And I am clueless as to why their ‘experienced stylists’ opted for this particular accessory. I did ping them and they were like the stylists undergo a deep research on the form that is filled while placing an order. My question, is that why large number of YouTubers got the same handcuff? Also, if choosing what accessories you’d want in your subscription boxes can give someone an excuse to say it’s probably my choice and I hardly am aware of the same; “Boss, you’re falling in some risky affair here”. πŸ˜‘

⏩Star & Pearl Silver Danglers – I must confess these are truly of good quality but I still cannot see myself wearing these. When I was ordering or promoting the product onto Instagram, I saw their website consistently for posted images of tassel jewellery especially earrings. Here again a lot of the people did received one tassel jewellery as they are beach oriented but I got none! For this reason, I feel as if I’ve been deceived. Here again I feel there’s no relevance to the theme that was set by the brand.

⏩Plaid Button Earrings – Within the beginning of this post, I did tell you that From Paris Box will send you 4-5 products each month. You must be wondering then how come we have the sixth product here. Well, this one is a surprise gift which has been sent this month to every customer. As much as I’ve seen other Influencers' post about this, almost everyone has got these pair of earrings as an extra accessory item. The thought of bonus product sounds good but I’m not happy again with these earrings as well. The quality of these is simply average and it is definitely not of my preference. Lastly, if the brand has set a theme for that particular month, even the surprise element should have some association to it, which clearly is not the case here. Seems like a pretty vague choice from brand's end.

Final Verdict:
If I weigh my experience of this month, I’d say I’m definitely not happy. Yes, there were some amazing products that brand catered, plus most of the things were of optimum quality but probably the accessories section ruined my potentially amazing experience. It would have been much better if the brand would have given choices within the jewellery segment like CuteBox Subscription Box offers. In From Paris Box, the items received aren’t really personalized but I think I would like to try another month of their subscription box before I say I dislike it or love it.

That’s it for today!

Let me know which is your favourite subscription box within the comments down below 😊

(Here, I am wearing the White Peal & Star Danglers)

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Much Love ❤


  1. Nice and honest review. Skin care products are good. But accessories seem to be of poor quality and not in line with the Bali destination...

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