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What's In My September 2017 CuteBox? | Price + Review |

Hey Guys 😃

In case you’ve been my companion within these two years from whence I started this blog, you might as well know how I began initially with affordable products only. The reason being, market is full of things & there’s no stop to how much you wanna shell out your bucks. But practically, every person has a set budget; say a college student may have a budget of Rs. 500 that she/he can use to unlock their wish lists and convert it into reality. And ideally a consumer (as says my old Economic books of grade 12) would wanna gain maximum satisfaction from as low monetary investment possible. Long debunked have been my views that you can’t get good quality makeup or products at budget friendly rate. All you gotta do is dig into the mountain to find that gold which possibly is tailored exclusively for you!

Now you must be curious why subscription box? Let’s say it’s an easy way to curb your desire to experiment & try various brands at the most reasonable price points feasible within the market. Then why jewellery subscription box, you may ask? For that matter, why not! Subscription boxes bring with them not merely products (in this case - Jewellery), but also an excitement to know the surprising element that lies behind the idea of curating a subscription box. The subscription box that I shall be talking about today with you guys is CuteBox. CuteBox can be regarded as a hamper wherein you’d get trending jewellery pieces from different genre and their aim is to cater happiness.

About CuteBox:

CuteBox has recently started with their jewellery subscription box from September 2017 itself; which means it is their first month itself. Each CuteBox is price at Rs. 399 and there’s a shipping charge of Rs. 50 all over India. Herein, you’d get a mix of 4-5 jewellery pieces.

How to Order:

CuteBox does not have a website as of yet but you can easily place your orders via following means –
⦿ Email:
⦿ Instagram DM: @cutebox_jewelry
⦿ WhatsApp: 9330075500/ 8013006430
Mode of Payment Accepted: Bank Transfer or PayTM (9330075500)

How I received the Products (Packaging):

Usually, a little carelessness ruins a subscription box experience. I’ve have had instances wherein one product leakage spilled on every possible corners; thus products being individually bubble wrapped is really mandatory. Once I removed the courier package layer, the CuteBox was covered with a bubble wrap and the CuteBox itself is made up of transparent plastic. Now when you get cardboard boxed, they are tossed into dustbins; you cannot possible store every box and be all organized! Thankfully, this plastic box would work for storing the jewellery (that came within this box) and keeping it safe from oxidation. All you need to do is add some cotton, laced onto the base of the box.

After opening the box, there was again a bubble wrap inside which there were two net mesh mini potli bags in silver & gold. These potlis consisted of jewellery pieces; each having its plastic outer covering. Definitely I call it well wrapped and thought of!

Contents Inside:

Jewelled Mobile Dust Plugger – Rs. 199

There’s nothing of this kind which I’ve ever heard of in my life and when I saw this onto their Instagram handle, it really did tempt me to get this box! It is such a dainty yet useful piece. What it does is it safeguards your mobiles, iPods or any such devices from getting dust inside. Now, what happens is due to wear & tear or because of passage of time, the earphone jack socket gets affected. Often the moisture within the atmosphere too gets into such devices. Thus, a plugger of this sort closes any possible hampering. In case you guys are wondering, the plugger has a universal 3.5mm jack which nowadays is seen in every other device. In short, it kills two birds with one stones (P.s. no animals have been killed while writing this post! *Jk*) Not only its useful, you can also use this for giving your phone a personalized touch or simply for flaunting purposes!

Afghani Earrings – Rs. 350

In case you guys don’t know, currently Afghani earrings have swarmed the market! Be it the vibrant studded ones or with mirrors, you’d possibly get them in every size and colour. But the only issue is, in case you seek to get them over Internet, they’d definitely charge you as much as say INR 500 for a pair. Whereas offline, you can get good ones even at 100 bucks but you've to dig in a lot to find the best pair possible which isn't oxidized due to weather or who's design isn't just of a discarded jewellery! Few days back, I did saw a pair with layers and in soothing green colour for the same price. Perhaps I’m inspired by movie Anwar’s song “Maula Mere Maula” wherein the protagonist is gifted hell heavy earrings & those look really amazing. The one I got within my CuteBox has green & blue studs onto it which on its own is great colour coordination; quite royal as you can see. It has ghungaroos hanging, which makes tinkling noise as well.  I can definitely call this & the mobile dust plugger as star products within this month’s theme!

Bracelet – Rs. 250

Now the bracelet that I’ve received is quite dainty, delicate and elegant. Some people would have received a completely different version of bracelet and both of them would be quite unique. Mine has some diamond studs onto it and the centre piece is of leaf shape, made via three hearts, two of which are pale pink in colour while the third one is of gold. There is an opening for the bracelet, although on appearance it looks like a thin bangle but it’s not. Personally, the circumference of this is slightly big for me, so I can’t really wear it. But I’m sure anyone would definitely like it if I’d gift them this. Probably because of its initial stage, the CuteBox team must have forgotten to inquire people about their preference or sizes but I’m sure they’d remember this within their second month. :)

Oxidized Earrings – Rs. 248

When I first saw these pair of earrings, I realized I’ve seen a lot of these within Sarojini & Lajpat Nagar Market (Delhi). And these were available for INR 60-80 if I’m not wrong. But herein the price stated is a little bloated. So why is it that the same thing is being sold at different prices, you may get curious to ask? Well, the ones we get at local markets, I’ve seen them selling slightly flawed jewellery. It could be as minor as an asymmetry or perhaps missing of a bead or two. At times, they’d also pack those earrings for you which were hung for display for so long, that it’s already vulnerable to change its colour and then those bhaiya’s would dismiss the complaint saying “Arey toh wo to design hai madame, aaj kal fashion hai oxidized earrings ka” (Madam that’s how these have been made, these oxidized earrings are really trending)! The one sent within CuteBox is really of good quality and it does look brand new.

Neckpiece – Rs. 350

I guess this neckpiece is present within each CuteBox that has been dispatched. It again is of good quality and these are available on websites such as Tmart & Aliexpress. It has delicate design in golden colour and every alternate ornamental piece has fine silver sparkle on. The sparkle by no means comes off or even transfer once rubbed against skin. There is no chain onto it but a smooth plastic thread. You get many loops in form of a minor chain so that the neckpiece can be adjusted as per the height you prefer while wearing. I’m unsure if I’d wear it because it’s not really of my taste but yeah there’s nothing to complaint except for the personalization part. Otherwise I loved every single piece of jewellery sent over. I might gift it to someone who’d love to flaunt it.  

Time for Some Calculations!

Jewelled Mobile Dust Plugger

Rs. 199
Afghani Earrings
Rs. 350


Rs. 250
Oxidized Earrings
Rs. 248


Rs. 350
Total Worth of
September 2017 CuteBox
Rs. 1397
Amount Spent on
Buying September 2017 CuteBox
Rs. 399 (+ 50 shipping)
Total Benefit
Rs. 948

Rating: 4.5/5

Final Verdict:
As of now, there are no pros and cons for me because my experience with them was pretty much amazing! Quick delivery and everything neatly packed; that too at such an affordable price. The only issue is - customization is yet not incorporated but I’m sure this is merely a thing of the initial month! From the price point perspective, it is definitely budget friendly, giving cut throat competition to GlamEgo box; although their genre is skincare while CuteBox caters accessories. But I’m in love with every one of the pieces that have been sent across! 😃


Yes; definitely! 😘😄

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Love ❤


  1. Oh wow! those afghani earrings are looking so pretty on you <3 The name Cutebox itself is so attractive :D Loved all the accessories! I would love to try out this subscription box :)

  2. Cute box is really cute :D And the mobile dust plugger is just super cute. Never heard of such a thing before...

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