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Unboxing Fab Bag: September (2016) Edition

Hello people,

If you remember, I lost my July Fab Bag pouch in a chaotic moment along with makeup items within it. So this month, I was trying to cover up for my lost items by splurging more. Guilt turned into happiness! *LOL* I ordered my bag on 3rd September and received it day before yesterday; approximately took 10 days to arrive.

This month’s Fab Bag theme was “The Eye Feel Pretty”, hinting upon the new launch of Sugar’s Lash Mob Limitless Mascara. Also, it was Fab Bag’s 4th Anniversary. The pouch remains the star of this edition. It has a leather feel to it with one side colored cream and the backside all black. There’s an amazing inspiration quote for a makeup lover which says “My life May Not Be Perfect... But My Lashes Most Definitely Are”.

As I unzipped the pouch, I found 3 usual cards. First carrying the details of the products that I received, another being about this month’s contest and lastly a 10% off Renewal Card. Now onto what I received:-

  1.   Be A Bombshell Eye Shadow Crayon (High Roller) INR 1200: Fab Bag has offered this eyeshadow crayon in their earlier edition as well, but back then, I was still not a matured makeup junkie! I own no eyeshadow crayons and I wanted one from Rimmel for quite some time, so I picked up this product when Fab Bag team offered the opportunity to choose the makeup item. I actually liked their new alteration as per which makeup product can be chosen by the receiver. Other options available were SeaSoul eyeshadow Duo, Sugar’s newly launched eyeshadow and few other products. The shade ‘High Roller’ is an olive green shade which would look gorgeous for the Fall season!

  2.  Lollipops Paris Anti Cernes Concealer (Light Beige) INR 800: Till now, I’ve only seen people receiving one makeup item in a bag and others are sample of various skincare or hair care products. If I was not to receive this, I would have got Sand Deadly Face Mask. I was actually looking forward to it since currently my skin is getting few acne bumps. Some people feared that this mask could have ruined their bag but fortunately it was packed within a small zip lock bag that homeopathic doctors keep. More makeup; more happy! *wink* The shade ‘Light Beige’ is slightly lighter to my skin tone as summer tanning has made me yellow toned. I can anyways use it for highlighting purposes on occasional basis.

  3.   AVA Face & Body Scrub (Spring Pond) INR 325 for 100 ml: In July, I received the Pep Shampoo (for dry hair) and Johara Face Scrub which too wasn’t exactly meant for my skin type. Finally, I got a scrub that vaters to my oily skin type. This face & body scrub contains mint and tea tree. To add to its praises, it is fragrance free (artificial), has no SLS & parabens sulphates. It smells citrusy due to lemongrass and I like its natural fragrance. The consistency of this scrub is thick and has minute granules. On the face, it gives slight cooling sensation and unlike other scrubs which end up hydrating the face unnecessarily, this truly is suitable for the oily skin type. Since it carved a soft spot into my heart, I ain’t gonna use it onto my body. It feels precious now! *LOL*

  4.  Neemli Tulsi & Sandalwood Body Wrap INR 550 for 75 grams: This is like those powdered masks wherein you add in some form of liquid (water, rose water, milk, etc.) and make it into a paste. Though the name is quite ambiguous for me to understand where it can be used but the packaging says it fades blemishes and pimple marks. So I might save it all for my face because I’ve got one undeterred acne mark which needs to be eradicated. Ingredients mentioned are Tulsi Powder, Sandalwood Powder, Fullers Earth.

  5.   Fashionography Accessory INR 249: This was an extra addition and while filling my preferences at the time of booking my Fab Bag. I expected a pretty neckpiece but all people I saw online received earrings which are kinda cute. I am no longer an earring person since I like to wear my hair down and stud earrings aren’t really visible then. I wear earrings only occasionally and that too danglers. And then for 5 hours of earrings, the next few weeks I can’t wear any earrings. It’s weird but that’s how it is with me. I’d say these earrings are decent for everyday wear, not too glamorous. I am not really too impressed with these.
      P.s. All prices mentioned above are majorly of a full size product. Except for the makeup products, other things are sample sized.

      Until Next Time,
      Take Care <3


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