Ethicare Remedies: Monsoon Kit

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Monsoon is here; pouring out not only the rain water but bombarding us with bacteria, skin and hair woes. Recently, I’ve been eyeing a product online known as- Sebogel which helps in reduction of the pimples. Fortunately, I managed to contact the Ethicare Remedies Team and they sent me their latest Monsoon Kit for reviewing purpose. This was also the time when I was severely attacked by acne and ended up acquiring weird bumps on my legs. Blame it the weather! 

Ethicare Remedies is a company situated in Gujarat (India) which was established in 2003 by Ilesh Khakkhar. This is a pharmacy which caters to its consumers products that are an amalgamation of quality as well as innovation. They have manufactured various budget friendly products that act as a helping hand in skin and hair care field. Their official website is- You can buy their products from their official web page or websites such as Flipkart

The Monsoon Kit comprises of 4 products which helps in keeping bacterium at bay; be it fungus causing or acne targeting ones.
   ·         Cutishine- Face Wash for Daily Cleansing- INR 159 (70 gm)
   ·         Epi Plus Lotion- Sensitive Skin Cleanser- INR 180 (100 ml)
   ·         Ospis- Anti Bacterial Skin Care Soap- INR 69 (100 gm)- 2 pieces
   ·         Sweatnil- Anti Perspirant Gel- INR 170 (50 ml)

Cutishine Face Wash for Daily Cleaning:

This face wash is apt for Oily- Acne prone skin which helps in cleansing and enhancing the complexion. It is a soap free formulation which contains AHA & BHA. It removes excess oil without stripping of the natural moisture of the facial skin. Because of its mildness, it leaves off the skin feeling soft. Composition of this face wash-
Glycolic Acid - 02%
Salicylic Acid - 0.50%
Liquorice Extract – 01%
Tea Tree Oil – 0.50%
Aloe Vera – 02%
Tea Tree is great for acne prone skin while Aloe vera helps in soothing up of any redness. Also, the Salicylic acid face washes helps in reduction of the pimples/ acne. 

Full review posted here.

Epi Plus Lotion- Sensitive Skin Cleanser:

This is a 2 in 1 product that can be used as a lotion/ moisturizer and also as cleansing milk. When acne treatment is undergoing, the skin tends to get flaky due to excessively drying ointments. In such a case, this acts a source of hydration but without overpowering upon the greasiness of the skin. Post few minutes, it gets easily absorbed. 

Ospis- Anti Bacterial Soap:

This soap is endowed with Aloe vera, Chlorhexedine  Gluconate & Silicone Fluid. It intends to keep the skin hydrated and healthy; while the Chlorhexedine gluconate, an anti bacterial constitute helps in keeping in shielding the skin from developing any fungal issues. The skin conditioners within keeps the skin supple and moisturized.

Sweatnil Anti Perspirant Gel:

The monsoon brings along with it the much detested humidity which causes excessive sweating. Sweating actually in itself isn’t what causes embarrassment but it sends out an open invite for the germs to breed upon it and develop body odour. Sweatnil Roll on not only helps in reduction of sweat overflow, but also acts as barrier so that the bacterium cannot germinate upon the sweat. It is like a must have product for your travelling kit in summer or monsoons.

Overall, I really liked the fact that all the products are affordable and suits sensitive, oily and acne prone skin. Now I’d hit the jackpot by ordering myself the much wanted Sebogel :) Also, individual review shall be uploaded soon.

Until Next Time,
Take Care <3


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