My Mini Eyeshadow Collection

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You must be wondering why lately I am plunging into my vanity and sharing with you my makeup collection; the answer being- I just managed to de-clutter my drawer and organize them. When I attend college, early morning rush results in a cyclone in my almirah and drawers. Result being, clothes piled up like a mini mountain and I was just aware of the things that were lying on the top. The same was with the makeup drawers. There was even a small toothpaste tube lying in there out of nowhere. After all the cleansing ritual of my cupboard, it finally looks pretty that you can easily detect what is where. The next morning when my dad saw it, he was amazingly shocked at my organizing skills and he pointed out at my book rack for the same time consuming process. Trust me, my books are like all over my house, and the rack being so messed up that once I tried taking out a book and some papers simply fell over my head. That’s what an exam fever causes to my storing places. *LOL*

We writers are so mesmerized by the eyes that a romance genre begins with looking into the eyes. And which woman isn’t into romantic content? That is why; we women like to take out extra time for prettying up our eyes and making them look beautiful. What better way to add on some colour onto the eyes than using various types and colours of eyeshadows. So without any delay, let’s just dive into my Mini Eyeshadow Collection

I am learning makeup along with the progress of my blog and this is why I do not have huge quantity of eyeshadows within my vanity. All these are usually from the affordable drugstore range. For providing colour to the eyes, you don’t necessarily need an eyeshadow, your bronzer, highlighter or blusher (powdered form) can do the trick as well. These are the products that I use as an eyeshadow colour-

   ·   Maybelline The N*des Palette (INR 899)
This is a beautiful drugstore eyeshadow palette with possibly every n*de colour and various types of brown. Also, it contains too highlighting colour, one is pearly (sparkly) white and another is a matte beige colour. There are two variants of a golden colour which are shimmery are look amazing on the eyes. You get a black as well and a beautiful taupe brown eyeshadow that’s almost about to finish because I use it as a bronzer on my face. It comes with a sponge tip applicator. The packaging is travel friendly too. I’ve reviewed the same here-

   ·    Sivanna Colors Shimmering Brick (02) (INR 350 approx.)
Now this one is a highlighting brick with a gorgeous white colour with golden shimmers. Not only is this colour perfect for a cheek highlighter, but you can use it into the inner corners of your eyes to make them appear more awake. The champagne pink works well as a blush and an eyeshadow. I might do an eyeshadow post using this same colour. I wore it on my college fest and girls really liked it. There are three variant of brown too. I’ve reviewed the same here-

   ·    Sea Soul Makeup HD Professional Australia (INR 990)
This dual eyeshadow palette came in my May Fab Bag. Although it’s quite small in appearance, but it has a small mirror inside the palette which is actually good and time saving because with the Maybelline N*des Eyeshadow Palette, I need to end up looking at the palette then mirror then again the vicious cycle. Initially I was hesitant about the bright orange because by I know I am still not into bold makeup looks but when I used it, it doesn’t appear to bright on the eye lids. The brown is definitely so pretty, you can easily tell from the pictures. You can check out the post on my May Fab Bag here-

That’s all for today!
Until Next Time,
Take Care <3

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